Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chicago Bluesfest Preview Spotlight On Fruteland Jackson

While my experience with Chicago Blues Fest is fairly recent, this will be my fourth year in a row. I've found the real entertainment isn't at the big shows in the evening but rather the real action takes place on the smaller stages during the afternoon. After all can you really feel the blues spread out on a lawn watching performers on a jumbotron?
So this week I'm going to post some clips from artists that I've seen on the smaller stages. Today we take a closer look at Fruteland Jackson. Fruteland Jackson is a bluesman and an ambassador for the music who is very much about keeping the sound alive. He is very active in educating young people with his Blues In The Schools program which has served over one million students since 1991. Which netted him the Blues Foundation's "Keeping the Blues Alive" award for music education. To learn more about Mr. Jackson his music and his work visit his web site.


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