Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Worlds Oldest Playboy Bunny and More From The Golden Age Of Playboy

Ran into my good friend Boz who is a Karaoke DJ up at Sidekicks 4424 W. Montrose in Chicago. He is also a YouTube video producer running the The Video Catalyst Project station. It is a station that features all original content shot in and around the windy city area. He covers a wide variety of topics in and around town. While my station tends of cover more historical topics the VCP has more of a journalistic/political point of view and is known for it's coverage of Chicago Occupy movement.

Anyway he told me he met the worlds oldest Playboy bunny! Now that's not something that everyday I thought. Or night. At any rate I thought I would share this one of a kind experience with you hear her tale of meeting Hugh Heffner and watch her sing with Elvis last night. Then we also have some other offerings from the golden age of Playboy. Enjoy.

Joyce claims to be the very first Playboy Bunny hired by Hugh Hefner.
Guest singer, Johnny Elvis 

The Golden Age of the Playboy Club

"I don't think that most people today realize the extent of the success of the Playboy Club in the 1960's and early 70's. In 1961, The Playboy Club was the busiest night club in the world. The Chicago club alone brought in around 132,000 customers in 3 months. Famous entertainers like Bob Hope, Ray Charles, Steve Allen, Ann-Margret, and Dizzy Gillespie performed at Playboy Clubs from New York to Manila, London, Tokyo to the Bahamas."

Now I went looking for some other vintage Playboy club related stuff and came up with this gem that can be found on another outstanding YouTube station GeorgeCarlinCentral..

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