Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let There Be Light, Good News About Solar Power

In what may be the best news the planet has had in a long time there has been a dramatic growth in the solar power business. Countries like Spain, China and spearheaded by Germany are reaping the rewards provided by generating energy directly from the sun. Even here in the US we see more people employed by the solar industry than mine for coal. This story is going to become a regular part of what we post here because it's one that is vital to our future.

Today we have a couple of stories the first is about Danny Kennedy who is the aythor of a recent book called Rooftop Revolution: HowSolar Power Can Save Our Economy -- and Our Planet. He is the founder of Sungevity  one of the nations largest solar energy companies and a former Greenpeace activist. The book is a great all aroind introduction into solar power and it's near limitless potential. Here from Alternet is a story about Danny and his book.

Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Energy Is Putting Power Back in the Hands of the People
AlterNet / By Heeten Kalan

"Heeten Kalan: Your book is titled Rooftop Revolution. Why do you think solar power is a revolution in the making?
Danny Kennedy: Solar power represents a change in electricity that has a potentially disruptive impact on power in both the literal sense (meaning how we get electricity) and in the figurative sense of how we distribute wealth and power in our society. Fossil fuels have led to the concentration of power whereas solar’s potential is really to give power over to the hands of people. This shift has huge community benefits while releasing our dependency on the centralized, monopolized capital of the fossil fuel industry. So it’s revolutionary in the technological and political sense."

To read the entire interview click here.

And then I found this hopefull story about what the state of Minnesota is doing to tap into solars potential.

The Three Best Things Minnesota Did For Solar Energy In The Last Week
From ThinkProgress by Adam James, Guest Blogger on May 28, 2013 at 3:31 pm

"This development is a good indicator of some fundamental dynamics that are playing out in the energy space. First, if you were to look at a map of US solar potential, Minnesota would not be the first place you’d put solar panels. This can also be said of Germany — not exactly heralded for its sunny weather — but which still has 1.3 million installed solar power systems that just set a new peak output record of 22.68 GW. So why is solar getting traction in these places?

Well, with the cost of solar PV dropping 80 percent since 2008 alone; the truth is that economic inertia has made solar practical even in places like Minnesota and Germany. In addition, the secret to solar success has not been finding the places with the most sun, but rather finding places where the political will is ready to galvanize around smart, forward looking investments that create good jobs."

 We've long had an interest in the promise of renewables here is a video we produced four years ago that was on our, now terminated, 1Future21 You Tube station.

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