Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Nine Year Old Speaks Truth To Power In Chicago And Indie Media Is His Megaphone

There is a heartwarming story out of Chicago this week. While most of the news is myopically focused on the murder rate students, parents and teachers have risen up against mayor Rahm Emmanuel's  plan to corporatize the school system with wholesale closures. He managed to ram his plan through the school board but the citizens are aroused and this fight isn't over. The highlight of the week of protests is this speech by  9 year old Asean Johnson and the reason you are able to see it is through the work of independent media like The Video CatalystProject which can be found on You Tube.

V.C.P. Is the work of Oak Park native John Sheehan who has worked tirelessly for almost a decade reporting on events and covering stories that the mainstream media ignore or are late to the party on. He also turns his eye on some of the more obscure corners of the windy city. Altogether he has posted over a thousand videos and his station is well worth a look.

The world is catching up to this local institution as this weekend as VCP's video of Asean's speech is being picked up by CNN!! Way to go Asean & John congratulations thanks for speaking truth to power.

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