Thursday, April 4, 2013

The War On Drugs Blowback From The Frontlines To Super Max Prisons

The concept of blowback, a CIA term for the unintended consequences of will intentioned policies, as mostly been applied in the field of foreign policy. Chalmers Jonson a former NSA member wrote a series of books post 9/11 where he illustrates this concept. Our tactics to draw in and then humiliate the Soviet Union in Afghanistan led us to create a terrorist army call them freedom fighters. Then when they served our purpose we thought they would just retire (?). We followed that by doing what the Soviets had just done. We began stationing military forces in the region and launching attacks. So the terrorists now had a new enemy US. Which leads us to the huge mess we are in right now.

Anyway the same sort of blowback is taking place in another ill thought out war we are fighting. The war on drugs. This came home to me this morning as I scanned the morning stories. After about a half hour I had found a half dozen items I wanted to add to today's edition of The American Empire. When I looked back I saw a trail of blowback that led right from the front lines of the war and follow it's destructive path into the for profit super max prisons we have created that have become incubators of further nightmares.

The are on terror is a fake war and like it's cynical cousin the war on drugs they are used to justify what is a war on people. It's that conservative policy of creating boogymen so we turn to strongmen to protect us.

Here are some fresh news  from todays edition of The American Empire Daily.

First from the frontlines.

WhyBlog del Narco has become the most important website in Mexico

The power of the drug cartels has forced Mexico's media into silence – so Blog del Narco's voice is more essential than ever

Melissa del Bosque for the Texas Observer
The Guardian, Wednesday 3 April 2013 14.56 EDT
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To go directly to Blog del Narco click here. If you don't read Spanish you will need Google translate.

The Vast Majority of People in US Prisons Shouldn't Be There, Period, But They Are Profitable Chattel

But the status quo government/corporate alliance has figured out how to exploit the residents of these areas to make a profit by creating non-union schools that often perform below the comparable public school level in similar locations.
And then – inextricably intertwined with the so-called failed public schools -- there is the prison-industrial complex that makes a financial killing off of the war on drugs, a conflict so immersed in racial prejudice and legal profiteering of the law enforcement/judicial/attorney/prison system that you can call it the war for making a lot of people richer at the expense of multi-generational impoverishment of people of color trapped in place.
This is made clear in the moving and informative documentary by Eugene Jarecki, "The House I Live In." Told through personal stories with statistics added through titling, "The House I Live In" provides insight into the devastation of institutionalizing drugs within communities in order for others to profit. (Whites who are poor and have mental health needs also get victimized by the non-violent offender penalization machine.)

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The Aryan Brotherhood's 'Jihadist' Murder Streak in the U.S.

From The Young Turks

Terrorist killings are happening in the United State and prosecutors are even quitting cases out of fear. It's suspected these killings are coming from the Aryan Brotherhood, built behind bars. How are these 'jihadist" murders coming to be? Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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