Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Return Of The Blimp?

Proving once again that everything that was old is new again apparently the blimp is making a comeback. I was browsing the Help Wanted section of CraigsList when I came across this one of a kind job posting. It struck me as quaint.


Position requires full time travel. It is not unlikely you could be away from home for eleven consecutive months. The job will be physically demanding at times. The job responsibilities can be broken down into four categories, but is not limited to the following categories. 1.DRIVING Once the airship has been launched for its flight to another city, the crew will drive vehicles loaded with the ground support equipment to the next city. (pickup trucks and vans towing trailers) 2. FLIGHT OPERATIONS When the airship is ready for flight operations, the ground crew will pull the airship away from its mooring mast with ropes, and into a clear part of the airfield for takeoff. When the airship has returned from its flight, the crew catch it by the ropes and help maneuver it back to its mooring mast. 3. SECURITY/WEATHER WATCH The airship is never left unattended. All ground crew will stand "Watch" based on a rotating roster whenever the blimp is not flying. 4. MAINTAINING EQUIPMENT Ground crew will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining vehicles, trailers, equipment and parts of the blimp itself. No mechanical background is required but it is helpful. In order to be considered for a position with our company you must: A. HAVE A CLEAN DRIVING RECORD B.MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE (Due to Federal DOT Requirement) C. MUST HAVE A CLEAN CRIMINAL BACKGROUND D. MUST BE ABLE TO DO PHYSICALLY DEMANDING WORK (examples: climbing/running/jumping/pulling E.MUST PASS A HAIR ANALYSIS DRUG TEST. If you think you might be interested and would like to set up an interview please call Steve at 407-472-4490. Calls will be accepted between 9am and 4pm weekdays DO NOT EMAIL RESUMES. ANY EMAIL RECEIVED WITH ATTACHMENTS WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATLEY.
The good news is at least unlike a lot of jobs on CL it isn't an unpaid internship.Now whenever I hear the word blimps my mind always turns to the Hindenburg and gonzo musician/artist Captian Beefheart. And when I went to look for some video I found a clip that combines both. Here it is.

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