Saturday, April 13, 2013

Solar Vs. Nuclear, A Look At Two Stories From The American Empire Daily

We have been in the 21st century for over a decade now although most of America seems stuck in the last millenium. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the power generating industry where they are struggling to move from the 19th to the 20th century. Many advocates of for change in how we generate our power point to nuclear power as being the way to go. While on the other side of the debate point to solar power along with other renewable sources as being the way to go.

In todays edition of the American Empire Daily we offer two stories that show us how strak our choices are. They give us a look into the mindsets of the people who are making the decisions that would help determine our future. First up is a look at the alarming views of  Gregory B. Jaczko the former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Ex-Regulator Says Reactors Are Flawed

From The New York Times By MATTHEW L. WALD

WASHINGTON — All 104 nuclear power reactors now in operation in the United States have a safety problem that cannot be fixed and they should be replaced with newer technology, the former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said on Monday. Shutting them all down at once is not practical, he said, but he supports phasing them out rather than trying to extend their lives.
The position of the former chairman, Gregory B. Jaczko, is not unusual in that various anti-nuclear groups take the same stance. But it is highly unusual for a former head of the nuclear commission to so bluntly criticize an industry whose safety he was previously in charge of ensuring.

And this story from today's Grist that takes us into the thinking of industry trade group The Edison Institute.

Solar panels could destroy U.S. utilities, according to U.S. utilities

By David Roberts

Solar power and other distributed renewable energy technologies could lay waste to U.S. power utilities and burn the utility business model, which has remained virtually unchanged for a century, to the ground.
That is not wild-eyed hippie talk. It is the assessment of the utilities themselves.
Back in January, the Edison Electric Institute — the (typically stodgy and backward-looking) trade group of U.S. investor-owned utilities — released a report [PDF] that, as far as I can tell, went almost entirely without notice in the press. That’s a shame. It is one of the most prescient and brutally frank things I’ve ever read about the power sector. It is a rare thing to hear an industry tell the tale of its own incipient obsolescence."

Meanwhile people around the world are making money from solar power in countries that can see the future. “Solar is the new gold. There is a worldwide gold rush happening, as home owners in Germany, China and Japan make $$ billions from harvesting solar energy, while the American working class is kept blind, handcuffed and starving.”

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