Friday, April 26, 2013

Rolling Stones In Hyde Park 7/5/1969

We are back after a brief sabbatical with a little slice of sixties Stones nostalgia. “Stones In The Park” was a free concert featuring them along with Family, King Crimson, Roy Harper and British blues man Alexis Korner held on the fifth of July 1969. It was originally put on to mark the first time the band had played live for two years and to introduce new guitarist Mick Taylor. The event turned into a memorial following the death of former guitarist Brian Jones two days earlier.

They had spent most of the last two years dealing with legal problems as well as a period of musical exploration. Like the Beatles they were looking to expand their image and vocabulary beyond being a teen band putting out three minute hits. This can be seen/heard in the two albums they released between 1967-1969; Their Satanic Majesties Request & Beggars Banquet both represent stylistic departures from what they had previously released,

The set-list for their performance reflects the desire for for new directions as most of the material is new without any of their previous hits; "I'm Yours & I'm Hers," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Mercy Mercy", "Down Home Girl", "Stray Cat Blues", "No Expectations", "I'm Free", "Loving Cup", "Love in Vain", "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", "Honky Tonk Women", "Midnight Rambler", "Street Fighting Man", and "Sympathy for the Devil".

Around a half million people turned out to see what turned out to be a pretty sloppy set by the Stones. After all it was Mick Taylor's first live gig with them and the rest of the band hadn't played live in more than two years. They do get cooking as the set goes on and by the final song Sympathy they are really wailing. For that track the band is augmented by a small army of African percussionists.

In July of this year the Stones are set to return to Hyde Park for two shows, which won't be free.

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