Sunday, April 7, 2013

More Obscure 1940's Music Clips Lucky Milinder and LaVilla Tulos, Blues & Harp Music

Here are a couple of more clips of some outstanding if somewhat obscure 1940's musical stars of the day. We have a couple of dozen different clips of mainly African American performers that came out as Soundies.  They were the first music videos and they were shown on Soundie juke boxes and in movie theaters between pictures. James Brown cites seeing Louis Jordan Soundies when he was growing up as having a big influence on him.

From the UCLA Film and Television Archive

"Soundies" can be considered the precursors to music videos. Produced during the years 1940 to 1946, "Soundies" were made to be seen on self-contained, coin-operated, 16mm rear projection machines called Panorams located in nightclubs, bars, restaurants and other public places. Eight "Soundies," featuring a variety of musical performances, were generally spliced together on a reel which ran in a continuous loop. The Panoram, a complicated and unique machine, later served as the basis for the RCA 16mm projector. "Soundies" were produced by various companies such as Minoco and RCM Productions, a company formed by James Roosevelt (the son of Franklin D. Roosevelt) songwriter Sam Coslow, and Herbert Mills, a pioneer in the development of arcade music machines."

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