Sunday, April 7, 2013

Frank lloyd Wright In Riverside Il. the Avery Coonley Home / Complex

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Riverside Il. a southwestern suburb of Chicago is a gorgeous 19th century planned community designed by Fredrick Olmsted. It's curved streets are home to many beautiful homes including three designed by Frank Loyd Wright. This one is a sprawling complex of buildings that lies in a neighborhood that is surrounded by water on three sides. In this clip we walk around the three sides of this Wright masterpiece. Inter cut are photos from when the home was first built and some of the original drawings.

The complex of buildings has two wings stables and servants quarters that surround and interior garden and pool. Over the years what was once one residence has been broken up. are now several different residents

This series is presented by ChiTownView & produced byMindsiMedia. We are assembling a complete collection of Wright designs still standing in the Chicago area here is a link to a playlist where they are collected.
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