Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fat's Waller, The Ali Baba Trio and More Black Music of The 1940's

I came across a nice collection of vidoe clips from the 1940's that feature some outstanding performances by a number of African American entetainers. Besides the ones shown here there's also Ct. Basie, The Delta Rhythm Boys, The Jubalaries and  others. The clips called Soundies were the first music videos and they were show on special  jukeboxes and in movie theaters between pictures. There about a dozen in all and we've uploaded about half of them to MindsiMedia on YouTube so far with rest coming online later this weekend.

Here is ragtime piano great Fats Waller performing "Your Feets Too Big". This is a dynamite clip Fat's is a fun entertainer and there is also some first rate dancing!

Here is the Ali Baba Trio of guitar bass and acordian with Valaida Snow singing and playing jazz trumpet.  

For more clips like these visit MindsiMedia on YouTube

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