Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Return Of The Blimp?

Proving once again that everything that was old is new again apparently the blimp is making a comeback. I was browsing the Help Wanted section of CraigsList when I came across this one of a kind job posting. It struck me as quaint.


Position requires full time travel. It is not unlikely you could be away from home for eleven consecutive months. The job will be physically demanding at times. The job responsibilities can be broken down into four categories, but is not limited to the following categories. 1.DRIVING Once the airship has been launched for its flight to another city, the crew will drive vehicles loaded with the ground support equipment to the next city. (pickup trucks and vans towing trailers) 2. FLIGHT OPERATIONS When the airship is ready for flight operations, the ground crew will pull the airship away from its mooring mast with ropes, and into a clear part of the airfield for takeoff. When the airship has returned from its flight, the crew catch it by the ropes and help maneuver it back to its mooring mast. 3. SECURITY/WEATHER WATCH The airship is never left unattended. All ground crew will stand "Watch" based on a rotating roster whenever the blimp is not flying. 4. MAINTAINING EQUIPMENT Ground crew will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining vehicles, trailers, equipment and parts of the blimp itself. No mechanical background is required but it is helpful. In order to be considered for a position with our company you must: A. HAVE A CLEAN DRIVING RECORD B.MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE (Due to Federal DOT Requirement) C. MUST HAVE A CLEAN CRIMINAL BACKGROUND D. MUST BE ABLE TO DO PHYSICALLY DEMANDING WORK (examples: climbing/running/jumping/pulling E.MUST PASS A HAIR ANALYSIS DRUG TEST. If you think you might be interested and would like to set up an interview please call Steve at 407-472-4490. Calls will be accepted between 9am and 4pm weekdays DO NOT EMAIL RESUMES. ANY EMAIL RECEIVED WITH ATTACHMENTS WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATLEY.
The good news is at least unlike a lot of jobs on CL it isn't an unpaid internship.Now whenever I hear the word blimps my mind always turns to the Hindenburg and gonzo musician/artist Captian Beefheart. And when I went to look for some video I found a clip that combines both. Here it is.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Rolling Stones In Hyde Park 7/5/1969

We are back after a brief sabbatical with a little slice of sixties Stones nostalgia. “Stones In The Park” was a free concert featuring them along with Family, King Crimson, Roy Harper and British blues man Alexis Korner held on the fifth of July 1969. It was originally put on to mark the first time the band had played live for two years and to introduce new guitarist Mick Taylor. The event turned into a memorial following the death of former guitarist Brian Jones two days earlier.

They had spent most of the last two years dealing with legal problems as well as a period of musical exploration. Like the Beatles they were looking to expand their image and vocabulary beyond being a teen band putting out three minute hits. This can be seen/heard in the two albums they released between 1967-1969; Their Satanic Majesties Request & Beggars Banquet both represent stylistic departures from what they had previously released,

The set-list for their performance reflects the desire for for new directions as most of the material is new without any of their previous hits; "I'm Yours & I'm Hers," "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Mercy Mercy", "Down Home Girl", "Stray Cat Blues", "No Expectations", "I'm Free", "Loving Cup", "Love in Vain", "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", "Honky Tonk Women", "Midnight Rambler", "Street Fighting Man", and "Sympathy for the Devil".

Around a half million people turned out to see what turned out to be a pretty sloppy set by the Stones. After all it was Mick Taylor's first live gig with them and the rest of the band hadn't played live in more than two years. They do get cooking as the set goes on and by the final song Sympathy they are really wailing. For that track the band is augmented by a small army of African percussionists.

In July of this year the Stones are set to return to Hyde Park for two shows, which won't be free.

For more early stone gems check out our playlist

Thursday, April 18, 2013

F.B.I Photos Of 2 Suspects In Boston Marathon Bombing, Someone Knows Them

From the F.B.I.

April 18, 2013, 5:00 p.m. EDT
Remarks of Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers at Press Conference on Bombing Investigation
Our collective law enforcement team has pursued thousands leads and tips. As I said two days ago, we are working methodically and with a sense of urgency to identify those responsible for the bombings. Within the last day or so, through that careful process, we initially developed a single person of interest. Not knowing if the individual was acting alone or in concert with others, we obviously worked with extreme purpose to make that determination...
More importantly, it was done to ensure the future safety of the city, the commonwealth and the country. Indeed, through that process, the FBI developed a second suspect.
Today, we are enlisting the public’s help to identify the two suspects.
After a very detailed analysis of photo, video, and other evidence, we are releasing photos of the two suspects. They are identified as Suspect 1 and Suspect 2. They appear to be associated. 

To Provide Tips in the Investigation

If you have visual images, video, and/or details regarding the explosions along the Boston Marathon route and elsewhere, submit them on https://bostonmarathontips.fbi.gov. No piece of information or detail is too small. 

You can also call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), prompt #3, with information.

All media inquiries should be directed to the FBI’s National Press Office at (202) 324-3691.

Boston FBI

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Pui Tak / On Leong Tong Building & Some Chicago Chinatown History

Anybody that has paid a visit to Chicago's old Chinatown on the cities south side will have noticed the ornate building on Wentworth just south of Cermak. With it's twin towers and Terra Cotta ornamentation it is a striking building that has been designated a official Chicago landmark.  It is now home to a church based community organization but like a lot of the cites landmarks it has a darker side to it's history.

Chicago was one of the first cities  where Chinese settled in the 19th century. They originally settled on the west coast and helped build the trans continental railroad. But there was a great deal of animosity towards them because they were willing to work for low wages so once the rail line was completed in 1869 they started heading east and with Chicago already a melting pot and rail center many ended up there settling in an area just south of the loop.

In the early 20th century they moved south and settled in an area just west of Chicago's notorious Levee vice district. The community was controlled by the the On Leong Merchants Association which engaged in serving and protecting the community. They were also a Tong a secret society that controlled gambling, prostitution and vice in the area. The Tongs were a nationwide organization that fought turf battles like any other criminal organization.

In 1912 O Leong built their first headquarters right on Cermak Rd the building in the opening shot of the video. In 1926 with expansion of the Chinatown area and the association they bought the property on Wentworth and prepared to build a more majestic building. There were no Chinese architects so representatives of On Leong took Chinese acrhitecture books to the local firms in the area and solicited proposals. The job went to the firm of Michaelsen and Rognstad who came up with ornate building you see here. And after spending a million dollars (and that's 1920's dollars) the building opened on May 2, 1928.

The downfall of On Leong came about when they began trafficking in narcotics in the 1970's. This led to violence which led to increased police scrutiny that in finally led the building being raided and seized when the gambling operation was uncovered. Wilson Moy the head of the association and the unofficial mayor of Chinatown along with others were eventually imprisoned. The building was then sold by the government to it's present owners.

I also came across the original drawings on the National Archives.

The Global War On People, From Boston To The Middle East to Russia

A selection of stories from today's American Empire Daily.

The Boston Marathon and U.S. Drone Attacks: a Tale of Two Terrorisms
From the Earth First! Web site.

To murder several runners using bombs at a sporting event is terrorism.
To murder 175 children using military drones is U.S. policy.
We should accept neither. We should fight against both.
List of children killed by U.S. dronestrikes in Pakistan and Yemen:
Compiled from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports

Every War On Drugs Myth Thoroughly Destroyed By A Retired Police Captain

From Upworthy by Rollie Williams

Retired police Capt. Peter Christ is about to make more sense about the War on Drugs than anyone you've ever heard in the past. His basic premise is that we need to legalize drugs, but if you're skeptical, just give him a few minutes to convince you. 

Putin's most vocal critic, Alexey Navalny, faces revenge in court

Miriam Elder in Kirov From guardian.co.uk,

With its dirt pavements and crumbling wooden homes, the city of Kirov is a city stuck in time. Karl Marx Street runs parallel to Lenin Street. Soviet-era buses ferry workers to and fro.
But on Wednesday morning the eyes of the Russian elite – from ministers to Kremlin critics – will be on an unassuming courthouse in the centre of this city, where Alexey Navalny, Vladimir Putin's loudest foe, will go on trial charged with embezzlement.
Few doubt the trial is motivated by political revenge. Navalny, a 36-year-old lawyer, anti-corruption crusader and popular blogger, has spent the last year labelling Putin a crook and calling for the powerful president to be jailed, and has uncovered corrupt schemes by some of Putin's closest associates.

For more on this story see todays edition 

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Landmark White Castle That Isn't A White Castle

I was recently wandering around the near south side of Chicago on an early Sunday morning. In the area where the old Levee vice district was located in between Chinatown and the Prairie st. historic district where the cities early mansions were located. At the corner of Wabash & Cermak was a White Castle and I was thinking it was a good spot for breakfast. Diagonally across the street on the south east corner I saw a small old building that looked a lot like an old White Castle with the tower and all. So naturally I shot a quick clip and when I got home did a bit of research.

As it turns out it was an old White Castle one of the first ones in the city and number 16 in the country. It was built in 1930 when the burgers were still a nickel and remained an outlet for sliders until the mid 1940's. Over the years it underwent a number of face lifts that totally changed it's appearance. And it wasn't until the owners of Chef Luciano & Gourmet Chicken bought the building that it was restored until it resembled it's former look. The white bricks were new and the tower was also added on.

Then in 2011 the city of Chicago designated the spot a landmark despite all the recent construction.

For those of you that don't live in the limited area where there are White Castles here's a few facts that might help to understand why this is a landmark. White Castle is the original fast food chain restaurant, before McDonalds, Burger King or anybody else there were these tasty little treats. And while there are other chains with far more outlets the “whitey one bite” was the first to sell a million burgers and the first to sell a billion. And while you can get frozen sliders nationwide (?) they're not bad but there a'int nothing like the real thing.

For more info about White Castle and how you can become a member of craver nation visit their web site. http://www.whitecastle.com/?gclid=CPXbnZn8zbYCFeU-Mgod0SMA_w

And here is what it originally looked like.

And here's a look at the first Mc Donalds, in Des Plaines Il.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cheers. A Pair of Good Old Beer Drinking Songs

Published by MindsiMedia on Apr 11, 2013
Here is two more 1940's era "Soundies" clips. These are a couple of good old fashioned drinking songs so fill your glasses raise your stiens and join in these stirring renditions of "Raise, Raise the Steins of Dear Old Main" and "Shout 'till the Rafters Ring!". Soundies were the first "music videos" to learn more about them and the machine that played them visit our blog.http://mindsimedia.blogspot.com/2013/...

We have recently uploaded a number of these clips check out our YouTube station for more.http://www.youtube.com/user/MindsiMedia

Also make sure to visit our web portal.

Solar Vs. Nuclear, A Look At Two Stories From The American Empire Daily

We have been in the 21st century for over a decade now although most of America seems stuck in the last millenium. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the power generating industry where they are struggling to move from the 19th to the 20th century. Many advocates of for change in how we generate our power point to nuclear power as being the way to go. While on the other side of the debate point to solar power along with other renewable sources as being the way to go.

In todays edition of the American Empire Daily we offer two stories that show us how strak our choices are. They give us a look into the mindsets of the people who are making the decisions that would help determine our future. First up is a look at the alarming views of  Gregory B. Jaczko the former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Ex-Regulator Says Reactors Are Flawed

From The New York Times By MATTHEW L. WALD

WASHINGTON — All 104 nuclear power reactors now in operation in the United States have a safety problem that cannot be fixed and they should be replaced with newer technology, the former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said on Monday. Shutting them all down at once is not practical, he said, but he supports phasing them out rather than trying to extend their lives.
The position of the former chairman, Gregory B. Jaczko, is not unusual in that various anti-nuclear groups take the same stance. But it is highly unusual for a former head of the nuclear commission to so bluntly criticize an industry whose safety he was previously in charge of ensuring.

And this story from today's Grist that takes us into the thinking of industry trade group The Edison Institute.

Solar panels could destroy U.S. utilities, according to U.S. utilities

By David Roberts

Solar power and other distributed renewable energy technologies could lay waste to U.S. power utilities and burn the utility business model, which has remained virtually unchanged for a century, to the ground.
That is not wild-eyed hippie talk. It is the assessment of the utilities themselves.
Back in January, the Edison Electric Institute — the (typically stodgy and backward-looking) trade group of U.S. investor-owned utilities — released a report [PDF] that, as far as I can tell, went almost entirely without notice in the press. That’s a shame. It is one of the most prescient and brutally frank things I’ve ever read about the power sector. It is a rare thing to hear an industry tell the tale of its own incipient obsolescence."

Meanwhile people around the world are making money from solar power in countries that can see the future. “Solar is the new gold. There is a worldwide gold rush happening, as home owners in Germany, China and Japan make $$ billions from harvesting solar energy, while the American working class is kept blind, handcuffed and starving.”

See Today's Edition of The American Empire Daily

Thursday, April 11, 2013

From The Monadnock Building To The Calder, Eighty Years Of Chicago Design History

Published on ChiTownView Apr 11, 2013
I was in Chicago's loop the other day when I noticed I was walking past an unassuming looking building that when it was built was an architectural marvel and the largest office building in the world. The Monadnock is a hunk of brown bricks that sits on Jackson just south of the Federal building. When it opened in 1894 it was the tallest commercial iron frame building with a load-bearing masonry exterior wall ever constructed. As well as being the largest office building.
Then right behind me was a piece of public art that takes the same kind of iron beams used to frame the Monadnock are used by Alexander Calder who twists them into a sculpture called Flamingo. It was constructed in 1974 and weighs fifty tons.

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Former Sex Pistol Lectures Lady Reporter and 2 More Rotten Moments

Johnny Lydon / Rotten one time Sex Pistol is out again this time selling his Public Image well public image and had a recent chat with a young lady  named Carrie Bickmore on the Australian TV show The Project. Things started to go off the rails when she asked him about the death of Margaret Thatcher he didn't like the question and turned rotten telling to shut up and lecturing her about talking while a man is talking and genaraly showing that his bag of tricks hasn't changed much in is really almost forty years. So here's a look back at Johnny on tv through the years.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Frolicking Females Featured in Forties Musical Flicks!!!

MindsiMedia YouTube continues it's presetantion of obscure 1940's entertainers as they appear in Soundies the first music videos. Today we feature a trio of lovely ladies enjoy the talents of Gloria Grey, Thelma White & All Girl Orch. and some hot Cuban action.

The young lady manning the baton is one of the stars of the cult film "Reefer Madness"

Find more fine fillies and further musical delights at MindsiMedia 

For the price of the Iraq War, the U.S. could have gotten halfway to a renewable power system and More

Headlines for today's edition of The American EmpireDaily

For the price of the Iraq War, the U.S. could have gotten halfway to a renewable power system

From Grist By David Roberts

"Discussions of how to respond to climate change often involve Very Large Numbers — the needed investments to transition to a fully renewable energy system are in the hundreds of billions. The brain sort of shuts down when it encounters numbers like that. They are too big to fathom. The one thing that does seem true about them is that nobody’s ever going to spend that kind of money on anything. Right? It seems hopeless.
So I always enjoy it when someone comes along to provide some perspective, a comparison that can give us context and help us see the numbers afresh. Today, wind analyst Paul Gipe asks, how much renewable energy could we have gotten from what we spent on the Iraq War?”

Recent News of Old War Crimes in Iraq 

From Nation of Change by William Boardman

"Death squads, torture, secret prisons in Iraq, and General David Petraeus are among the featured atrocities in a recently-released new British documentary – “James Steele:America’s Mystery Man in Iraq” – the result of a 15-month investigation by Guardian Films and BBC Arabic, exploring war crimes long denied by the Pentagon but confirmed by thousands of military field reports made public by Wiki leaks. 
The hour-long film explores the arc of American counterinsurgency brutality from Vietnam to Iraq, with stops along the way in El Salvador and Nicaragua. James Steele is now a retired U.S. colonel who first served in Vietnam as a company commander in 1968-69. He later made his reputation as a military advisor in El Salvador, where he guided ruthless Salvadoran death squads in the 1980s."

Here is a link to thecomplete video. They don't allow embedding.

And for todays video Billy Bragg explaons how Margret Thatcher made him a Socialist.

These stories and more fresh news every morning in 

The American Empire Daily

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Frank lloyd Wright In Riverside Il. the Avery Coonley Home / Complex

New From ChiTownView
Riverside Il. a southwestern suburb of Chicago is a gorgeous 19th century planned community designed by Fredrick Olmsted. It's curved streets are home to many beautiful homes including three designed by Frank Loyd Wright. This one is a sprawling complex of buildings that lies in a neighborhood that is surrounded by water on three sides. In this clip we walk around the three sides of this Wright masterpiece. Inter cut are photos from when the home was first built and some of the original drawings.

The complex of buildings has two wings stables and servants quarters that surround and interior garden and pool. Over the years what was once one residence has been broken up. are now several different residents

This series is presented by ChiTownView & produced byMindsiMedia. We are assembling a complete collection of Wright designs still standing in the Chicago area here is a link to a playlist where they are collected.
MindsiMedia has several channels on YouTube and other video sharing outlets you can access all of them from our web portal at http://www.mindsimedia.info/

Background music is String Impromptu Number 1 by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

More Obscure 1940's Music Clips Lucky Milinder and LaVilla Tulos, Blues & Harp Music

Here are a couple of more clips of some outstanding if somewhat obscure 1940's musical stars of the day. We have a couple of dozen different clips of mainly African American performers that came out as Soundies.  They were the first music videos and they were shown on Soundie juke boxes and in movie theaters between pictures. James Brown cites seeing Louis Jordan Soundies when he was growing up as having a big influence on him.

From the UCLA Film and Television Archive

"Soundies" can be considered the precursors to music videos. Produced during the years 1940 to 1946, "Soundies" were made to be seen on self-contained, coin-operated, 16mm rear projection machines called Panorams located in nightclubs, bars, restaurants and other public places. Eight "Soundies," featuring a variety of musical performances, were generally spliced together on a reel which ran in a continuous loop. The Panoram, a complicated and unique machine, later served as the basis for the RCA 16mm projector. "Soundies" were produced by various companies such as Minoco and RCM Productions, a company formed by James Roosevelt (the son of Franklin D. Roosevelt) songwriter Sam Coslow, and Herbert Mills, a pioneer in the development of arcade music machines."

To read more click here.
Link to a PDF of the complete list of titles..



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Obama's Social Security Promise, The Power Of Seeds, The Oil Spil In Arkansas. Todays American Empire Daily

Why The Most Powerful Thing In The World Is A Seed
From Nation of Change

"Janisse Ray celebrates the local, organic food movement but fears we’re forgetting something elemental: the seeds. According to Ray, what is happening with our seeds is not pretty. Ninety-four percent of vintage open-pollinated fruit and vegetable varieties have vanished over the last century.
Ray begins "The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food" by explaining how we lost our seeds. Feeding ourselves has always been a burden for humans, she explains. “So when somebody came along and said, ‘I’ll do that cultivating for you. I’ll save the seeds. You do something else,’ most of us jumped at the chance to be free.”
But, according to Ray, when the dwindling number of farmers who stayed on the land gave up on saving seeds and embraced hybridization, genetically modified organisms, and seed patents in order to make money, we became slaves to multinational corporations like Monsanto and Syngenta, which now control our food supply."
Finish this story in Todays American Empire Daily.

Arkansas town in lockdown after oil spill nightmare

From Grist By Suzi Parker

“The oil company has also taken over wildlife rescue from a local organization; independent rescuers report that they are being forced to leave private property by ExxonMobil enforcers. (Casualties so far include oil-covered ducks, snakes, and nutria.) Reporters who accompanied Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel on a tour of the spill on Wednesday were asked to leave by Exxon representatives. Even the state Department of Environmental Quality refers reporters to the Exxon downstream media line for information.

Earlier this week, ExxonMobil requested — and received — a temporary no-fly zone over the oil spill. A local newspaper reported that the only aircraft allowed in the area were those under the direction of Tom Suhrhoff, who according to LinkedIn is an aviation adviser at ExxonMobil. After a two-day prohibition, some media were allowed to fly over on Thursday.”

Finish this story in Todays American Empire Daily.

And Mr. President KEEP YOUR WORD

Fat's Waller, The Ali Baba Trio and More Black Music of The 1940's

I came across a nice collection of vidoe clips from the 1940's that feature some outstanding performances by a number of African American entetainers. Besides the ones shown here there's also Ct. Basie, The Delta Rhythm Boys, The Jubalaries and  others. The clips called Soundies were the first music videos and they were show on special  jukeboxes and in movie theaters between pictures. There about a dozen in all and we've uploaded about half of them to MindsiMedia on YouTube so far with rest coming online later this weekend.

Here is ragtime piano great Fats Waller performing "Your Feets Too Big". This is a dynamite clip Fat's is a fun entertainer and there is also some first rate dancing!

Here is the Ali Baba Trio of guitar bass and acordian with Valaida Snow singing and playing jazz trumpet.  

For more clips like these visit MindsiMedia on YouTube

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Tony D'Andrea and The Terrible Genna's, Old Time Taylor Street Gangsters

Tough Tony D'Andrea:
The story of Chicago in the roaring 20's is usually told in terms of Capone vs. the northsiders. But there were other powerful subgroups. Among them them the Unione Siciliane a powerful Scicilian/American social organization begun to help fight the black hand. The organization quickly became corrupted itself and by the mid-teens it was controlled by the Mafia and being led by Antonio D'Andrea a one time priest who went to prison for counterfeiting (dimes). After being released he changed his name and began a largely unsuccessful political career centered in the 19th ward or Taylor St, area on Chicago's near west side.

Most of the neighborhood was destroyed by highway construction and expansion by Rush Hospital and the University of Illinois. It is a nice area now and Taylor street has a lot of upscale restaurants. This is the first in a series of short clips showing some of the area's more colorful past. Besides it's mobster history the area was also an early home to the team that came to be known as the Chicago Cubs who played for decades at two different area locations. We have a clip that tells that story as well.http://youtu.be/jEzNLP0NEeo

Anyway for more than half a decade Anthony D'Andrea fought for political control of this what was then a teeming slum with alderman John Powers. It was a battle that included, kidnappings, bombings, shootings and more than thirty murders. Things came to a head in May of 1921 just after D'Andrea had once again lost an aldermanic race by a very slim margin. On the evening of the 10th he was out with fellow gangster Diamond Joe Espositio who dropped him off at his home at 902 S. Ashland around 2 am. As he climbed the front steps the first floor window opened and a series of shotgun blasts tore into the night. Hit five times Antonio D'Andrea still clung to life for a few days before passing on.

Denied a church burial because he had been excommunicated they held the service right in front of the house with more than 8,000 people in attendance. His assassination was the frst in what would be six leaders of this organization to be murdered in the next eight years. The crime was never solved the two main suspects were of course political rival Powers. But why kill a man you just beat? Then there were D'Andrea's allies the Genna brothers. And their story is the next stop on our Taylor street tour.

The Terrible Genna's:
Immediatly following Tony D'Andrea murder two things happened Mike Menlo took over as head of the Uniome Scilianiand institued a reign of peace for the next four years until his death in 1924. The Unione was a natioanl organization with New York calling the shots. It's an important distinction to understand that the Chicago "outfit" that grew out of the Capone organization was not part of the Sicilian Mafia that dominated the east coast. The Chicago outfit was a local institution that grew out of a corrupted political system that grew out of the illegal but tolerated vice district known as The Levee.

Both Johnny Torrio & Al Capone were refugees from New York City who came west to escape the east coast organization. Since they were Italians they there was a natural alliance between the two groups but they were separate entities. And in many ways the Chicago organization needed what the additional clout the Sicilian Mafia provided. It was under Mike Menlo's reign that there was peace for the first four years of Prohibition. Until the terrible Genna's helped touch off the beer wars that would soon engulf the city in bloodshed.

While the national organization appointed a new leader out on the streets Tony D'Andrea's local organization and headquarters was taken over by a crime family of six brothers,Pete, Sam, Jim, Tony, Angelo, and Mike. Their fearsome reputation led them to be known as the terrible Genna's. Their headquarters was at 1022 Taylor has gone from olive oil importer to parking lot for the upscale restaurant Tuscany.

They had been the major supplier of muscle for D'Andrea. Now with him out of the way they filled the power vacuum. And once they took over they organized the residents of the area into manufacturing booze. For the then princely sum of fifteen bucks a day (three times the average daily pay) they became moonshiners churning out some real rot gut stuff in their bathtubs or where ever. Operating hundreds of stills they supplied the raw material for Al Capones organization.

Of course they had their own territory with speakeasies most of which were located in the shadow of Hull House on the 800 & 900 blocks of south Halsted Street Here clubs like the Bluebird owned by Genna ally Sam Anatuna and there was Diamomd Joe Esposito's joint where young Paul Ricca was to acquire the nickname "the waiter" operated. But they were an empire and like all empires they wanted to expand. They weren't going to go after Capone's territory to the east and there was more money in expanding north than south so they also got involved with the blood feud with Dion O'Bannions north side gang.

Because not only were the Genna's expanding into his territory Angelo Genna was refusing to honor a $40,000 gambling debt. O'Bannion prevailed on Torrio for his help which he couldn't/wouldn't offer. This is what led to O'Bannion setting up Torrio for arrest at the Siebens brewery raid. The incident that really set off the war that would cullminate five years later on Valentines Day.

This is another clip in ChitownViews series Chicago Crime Now & Then here is a playlist if you'd like to see more.http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...

These two sites have proven to be invaluable resources for this series.
My Al Capone Museum:http://www.myalcaponemuseum.com/id117...
The Chicago Crime Scenes Project:http://chicagocrimescenes.blogspot.com/

And to further explore the world of MindsiMedia visit our web portal.http://www.mindsimedia.info/

The War On Drugs Blowback From The Frontlines To Super Max Prisons

The concept of blowback, a CIA term for the unintended consequences of will intentioned policies, as mostly been applied in the field of foreign policy. Chalmers Jonson a former NSA member wrote a series of books post 9/11 where he illustrates this concept. Our tactics to draw in and then humiliate the Soviet Union in Afghanistan led us to create a terrorist army call them freedom fighters. Then when they served our purpose we thought they would just retire (?). We followed that by doing what the Soviets had just done. We began stationing military forces in the region and launching attacks. So the terrorists now had a new enemy US. Which leads us to the huge mess we are in right now.

Anyway the same sort of blowback is taking place in another ill thought out war we are fighting. The war on drugs. This came home to me this morning as I scanned the morning stories. After about a half hour I had found a half dozen items I wanted to add to today's edition of The American Empire. When I looked back I saw a trail of blowback that led right from the front lines of the war and follow it's destructive path into the for profit super max prisons we have created that have become incubators of further nightmares.

The are on terror is a fake war and like it's cynical cousin the war on drugs they are used to justify what is a war on people. It's that conservative policy of creating boogymen so we turn to strongmen to protect us.

Here are some fresh news  from todays edition of The American Empire Daily.

First from the frontlines.

WhyBlog del Narco has become the most important website in Mexico

The power of the drug cartels has forced Mexico's media into silence – so Blog del Narco's voice is more essential than ever

Melissa del Bosque for the Texas Observer
The Guardian, Wednesday 3 April 2013 14.56 EDT
To Read the whole story check out todays edition of The American Empire Daily. Fresh news every day.

To go directly to Blog del Narco click here. If you don't read Spanish you will need Google translate.

The Vast Majority of People in US Prisons Shouldn't Be There, Period, But They Are Profitable Chattel

But the status quo government/corporate alliance has figured out how to exploit the residents of these areas to make a profit by creating non-union schools that often perform below the comparable public school level in similar locations.
And then – inextricably intertwined with the so-called failed public schools -- there is the prison-industrial complex that makes a financial killing off of the war on drugs, a conflict so immersed in racial prejudice and legal profiteering of the law enforcement/judicial/attorney/prison system that you can call it the war for making a lot of people richer at the expense of multi-generational impoverishment of people of color trapped in place.
This is made clear in the moving and informative documentary by Eugene Jarecki, "The House I Live In." Told through personal stories with statistics added through titling, "The House I Live In" provides insight into the devastation of institutionalizing drugs within communities in order for others to profit. (Whites who are poor and have mental health needs also get victimized by the non-violent offender penalization machine.)

To Read the whole story check out todays edition of The American Empire Daily. Fresh news every day.

The Aryan Brotherhood's 'Jihadist' Murder Streak in the U.S.

From The Young Turks

Terrorist killings are happening in the United State and prosecutors are even quitting cases out of fear. It's suspected these killings are coming from the Aryan Brotherhood, built behind bars. How are these 'jihadist" murders coming to be? Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Modern Day Slavery & Selling Solar Power in India's Slums And More From

Modern-day slavery: an explainer

Slavery was abolished by most countries 150 years ago, but bonded and forced labour, trafficking and exploitation persist

Selling Solar Power in India's Slums

As more and more Indians get on the grid, the government's pushing solar.

More videos here.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Dirty Wars, A Snapshot Of A Nation

Three things from today that say a lot about who we are as a nation in the eyes of the world and the role media plays in shaping our worldview. Actually there are more than three things from today but these three things are related and give us the big picture. Early this morning five am I was reading the morning news looking for stories to add to my online paper The American Empire Daily. On the British Guardian site I came across a column by anti-war activist and filmmaker Glen Greenwald. He was writing about a powerful new film he saw called Dirty Wars.

It's a documentary film by Richard Rowley where follows reporter Jeremy Scahill's investigation into the innocent victims of America's drone war. He goes into the villages in Pakistan, Yemen and other places where these unmanned killing machines are terrorizing populations and making far too any wrong attacks. For example in Yemen there was an attack where thirty five women and children were killed. The most chilling part of this story is Abdulelah Haider Shaye the journalist in Yemen who broke the story sits in prison today at the insistence of Barack Obama. It was a very sad and riveting story. So I made a mental not to check back after work and finish the story.

So as part of my 9 to 5 sort of job I do a lot of driving and listen to one of two sport talk radio stations or the progressive one. All anybody on all three stations was talking about for most of the morning was a tragic accident in NCAA basketball tournament last night. Kevin Ware, one of the players for Lousiville, had fractured his leg to the point where the bone was sticking out. It sounded like truly horrifying moment.

And every nuance about this moment was under the microscope. Including a large portion of the coverage was surrounding the media's coverage of the moment. It happened live and was shown and then there was one replay and then that was it the actual brake itself wasn't shown again. But all morning it was talked to death. And it was a great tragedy but it pales in comparison to the tragedy we are causing all over the world and the tragedies that will arise in the future when vengeance is sought from us in the name of those who are being wrongly murdered. And yet it's safe to say that this poor kids broken leg will be remembered and thought about and discussed more than a needless war that is shows us at our worst.

So after I got home from work I went back to the site to link the article to my paper and lo and behold the column wasn't where it was eight hours ago it had vanished from the main page. After a couple of minutes I was able to track it down and it seemed curious. At the same time the network news was on and they were running a story about a terrifed population under ariel attack. Only it wasn't about the drone wars this journalist was in Syria was there covering the story from the rebel side. It was like the same story that I'd started the day reading only now it had been turned inside out.

So here we are thirty years after starting a war in Aghanistan by creating an army of terrorists calling them freedom fighters and arming them with shoulder fired rockets. And since them we have been sucked into a huge expensive and costly war that encompasses an ehitire region.We have launched a giant crusade the likes of which the world has never seen. And it's one that we here in America are only dimly aware of different events from this war.

That's because the media is too busy telling us what a tragedy a college kids broken leg is. And how these poor rebels need our shoulder fired rockets to bring down the planes that are terrorizing their people. And so the wheel keeps spinning round and round.

But here's our lead story for today and we have a nice group of other pieces that will open your eyes to what is really going on.

The message sent by America's invisible victims

Glenn Greenwald

“…...The most propagandistic aspect of the US War on Terror has been, and remains, that its victims are rendered invisible and voiceless. They are almost never named by newspapers. They and their surviving family members are virtually never heard from on television. The Bush and Obama DOJs have collaborated with federal judges to ensure that even those who everyone admits are completely innocent have no access to American courts and thus no means of having their stories heard or their rights vindicated. Radical secrecy theories and escalating attacks on whistleblowers push these victims further into the dark. ….”

And here is a Democracy Now report about the new film Dirty Wars