Friday, March 15, 2013

New Video Sharing Site, Reel Surfer Create Your Own Video Highlight Reels

I came across an interesting site called Reel Surfer where you can create your own video highlight reels from any(?) video source on the web. Basically you get a little thingie for your bookmarks bar and when you find a video you want to grab a highlight from you push the button and a little editing screen comes up. It's pretty simple to use and is kind of neat.

I just started to explore it and created my first reel and thought I'd pass it on. We have series of highlights from some of the videos we've posted on our MindsiMedia YouTube station. They include; Frank Sinatra welcoming Elvis home from the army, extreme Yoga from India, some dirt bike jumps in slow motion, Salvador Dali getting more than egg on his face, a beautiful sunset and more. Check it out!

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