Saturday, March 9, 2013

Magic Slim RIP, Presenting A Half Hour Of His Raw Blues

I was listening to the Blues From The Red Rooster show on WDCB, broadcasting from the western suburbs, when I heard the belated news that Morris Holt AKA Magic Slim had passed on. Slim was one of the last of the second wave of Mississippi blues men who followed Muddy Waters north to make a name for himself in Chicago. He never achieved the fame of some of his contemporaries in many ways because he stayed a bluesman and never really changed his style.

He went to school with and was an early musical cohort of another blues guitarist by the name of Magic Sam. In fact he is the one who gave Magic Slim his name in 1955 when he arrived in Chicago. In a short time Slim realized he wasn't up to the competition in Chicago and returned to Mississippi for five years to work on developing his musical chops. He returned with his new band the Teardrops and never looked back.

Mr. Holt passed away on February 21 due to complications from a bleeding ulcer. A lifetime of playing the blues is hard on a man. Below are a couple of vintage clips of Magic Slim & the Teardrops.

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