Sunday, March 10, 2013

Heavy Metal From Africa? From Bostwana? Yes

That there is heavy metal music being made in Africa should come as no surprise. One of my favorite cd's of the past 20 years was a collection of African Psych that came out on Luka Bop awhile back. But still when I saw this story online about metal heads in Bostwana I had to check it out and find out what they sounded like. Here is some of what I found.


By Frank Marshall from the Vice site:

    "Love it or hate it, when most people think of metal, they think of white dudes. Even if metal was born from the blues and there are growing scenes in places like Indonesia and Peru, metal's founding fathers--Priest, Sabbath, Maiden--and most of those who've come after have been unmistakably Caucasian. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised to find out about a small but passionate collection of guys who dressed like doomsday cowboys and listened to Motorhead in the predominantly black, central African country of Botswana.

    Spared the civil wars and venal dictatorships that scar much of Africa, in its own quiet way the Republic is something of an African success story. In 2008, South African photographer Frank Marshall accompanied a South African metal band on a one-gig tour of Gaborone, Botswana's capital."

Here are a couple of videos first is:

    "Botswana's very own, Metal Orizon performing, 'I Have Found', with traditional Setswana dance live, as well as a video for 'We Are Rolling.' The band has been performing for twenty plus years now. They have endured the hardship and struggle, yet continue to this day recharged and revamped. Read more about Metal Orizon, and other bands throughout Africa in my upcoming book on heavy metal music in Africa, expected in 2014. 

And this clip takes us into the everyday life of a Bastwana metal head.

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