Sunday, March 31, 2013

Headlines From The American Empire, A New Daily Paper

There are a lot of different parts to MindsiMedia and one of our newest is a daily online newspaper called The American Empire Daily. It is found on the paper li site where they offer a content curation service. It short you get a paper and you have two basic ways to control the content. First everyday a new paper comes out based on the news sources and categories of interest you have chosen. This part is done automatically based on your choices. Second there is a widget you put on your browser so as you go to different places you can add content to your paper.

The new edition comes out around 5 am C.S.T. and I'm usually up and do a quick scan of the latest events to see if there are any stories I want to add to the new edition. Then I send out a little headline package to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and now here. It's a lot of fun and I hope you check it out and subscribe. It's a daily paper though so if you see a story you like save it because it will be gone tomorrow. 

Here is what the paper is all about:

"What we present is a look at the war on terror it's roots and consequences. We also explore the massive corruption that lies behind it. This leads us to the larger examination of the century + growth of the American Empire and the corruptions behind that.

Our aim is not to condemn this empire but to explain and show the history of it's development. America had a chance at the end of World War 2 to wipe the slate clean and build a better world and not repeat the mistakes of the past. We may have had the noblest of intentions but the methods we used to achieve our aims fell well short of our ideals and we repeated the same mistakes that all empires do.

We also explore the threats to our environment and the sensible solutions that are out there to meet those threats. It's important to realize the trouble were in how we got here and what we can do to build a better future. "

And here a few stories from today's edition.

How Bush Won The War In Iraq

by Greg Palast from Nation of Change

“That plan was created by a gaggle of corporate lobbyists and neo-cons working for the Heritage Foundation. In 2004, the plan's authenticity was confirmed by Washington power player Grover Norquist. (It's hard to erase the ill memory of Grover excitedly waving around his soft little hands as he boasted about turning Iraq into a free-market Disneyland, recreating Chile in Mesopotamia, complete with the Pinochet-style dictatorship necessary to lock up the assets – while behind Norquist, Richard Nixon snarled at me from a gargantuan portrait.)
The neo-con idea was to break up and sell off Iraq's oil fields, ramp up production, flood the world oil market – and thereby smash OPEC and with it, the political dominance of Saudi Arabia.
General Jay Garner also confirmed the plan to grab the oil. Indeed, Garner told me that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld fired him, when the General, who had lived in Iraq, complained the neo-con grab would set off a civil war. It did. Nevertheless, Rumsfeld replaced Garner with a new American viceroy, Paul Bremer, a partner in Henry Kissinger's firm, to complete the corporate takeover of Iraq's assets – "especially the oil".
But that was not to be. While Bremer oversaw the wall-to-wall transfer of Iraqi industries to foreign corporations, he was stopped cold at the edge of the oil fields.”
Read the whole story in today's edition.

Ahmed Errachidi: 'We shared one thing in Guantánamo Bay – pain'

By William Skidelsky from The Observer,

“The chef turned author on the five years he spent in Guantánamo Bay – and why his nickname is the General.”
Read the whole story in today's edition.

Not Just the Bees: Bayer's Pesticide May Harm Birds, Too

By Tom Philpott from Mother Jones

“Once again this spring, farmers will beginplanting at least 140 million acres—a land mass roughly equal to the combined footprints of California and Washington state—with seeds (mainly corn and soy) treated with a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids. Commercial landscapers and home gardeners will get into the act, too—neonics are common in lawn and garden products. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know all of that is probably bad news for honeybees and other pollinators, as a growing body of research shows—including three studies released just ahead of last year's planting season.
But bees aren't the only iconic springtime creature threatened by the ubiquitous pesticide...”

Read the whole story in today's edition.

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