Monday, March 11, 2013

Class Warfare In American and What We Can Do To Fight Back

So as someone who has been without full time work for over three years I am intimantly aware of how flaccid our economy has become, for most people. There is no shortage of stories that document the class warfare that is being waged by a greedy ruling class that has corrupted the political system here and across much of the planet. It is a battle that we've tried to cover here at MindsiMedia.

We have recently started a daily digital "paper" at Paper.Li called "The American Empire Daily". In it we present an aggregate of the days news stories. This economic war that is being waged is only one part of a larger story that also includes the war on terror and it's close cousin the war on drugs.All are related and designed to break us and take away our freedoms. We also look at ways we can fight back reclaim our freedoms and make a better world for people. The paper comes out every morning and subscribing is free.

We shall be posting daily updates here to lure you in. Today we highlight a couple of stories we just added to today's edition.

First a story from todays Huffington Post:

General Electric Avoids Taxes By Keeping $108 Billion Overseas

"The company with the most profits parked overseas is General Electric, according to a new Bloomberg analysis of 83 corporations.
GE said in a Feb. 26 regulatory filing that it was holding $108 billion in profits overseas as of the end of last year. That is up from $102 billion a year before. GE said in the filing that it reinvested most of these profits in foreign business operations and does not intend to bring those profits back to the U.S.
The practice of holding profits overseas has been highlighted as a strategy to avoid paying taxes. GE paid no U.S. taxes at all in 2010, according to The New York Times -- an allegation GE spokesman Seth Martin called "untrue" in an email to The Huffington Post Monday.
GE did not comment on the $108 billion in profits overseas.
Sixty big U.S. companies analyzed by the Wall Street Journal kept on average more than 40 percent of their annual profits overseas last year. The companies have attributed a growing amount of their revenue to foreign sales, and they have assigned patents and licenses to foreign subsidiaries. Thanks to these practices, the U.S. is not only losing out on tax revenue, but it is also missing money kept overseas that will not be used to invest in the U.S. or pay dividends to shareholders."

Taming Capitalism Run Wild

Not to be all doom and gloom we go to Bill Moyers who hosts a discussion with Economist Richard Wolff and Restaurant Worker Advocate Saru Jayaraman as the talk about the fight for economic justice.

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