Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Look At Pre Quake San Francisco & The Flight Of The First SST

In the history of first half of the 20th century we witnessed dramatic improvements in transportation. In 1900 people got around on horses, train or ship. By the time we reached 1970 the world was choking on auto fumes which is how most of us now get around. The airplane has supplanted both trans and boats when it comes to moving people. We have even transported ourselves to the moon and back! All in seventy short years. 

The last two videos I've uploaded to ChiTownView on YouTube illustrates this advancement for us. Even though it wasn't planned at the time. First I uploaded “Soviet SST Maiden Flight, Russian Concorde Takes Off 12/31/1968” a video about the maiden flight of the first super sonic transport. The film also shows the development of the Soviet TU-144. And we learn about it's designer famed aircraft engineer Alexei A. Tupolev.


For the second clip “Lost San Francisco, a Pre Quake Look At Market St.“ we go back 62 years to April of 1906. We are on the other side of the world in San Francisco Ca. Riding down Market St. in a fairly recent innovation, the street car. This fascinating footage was of a lost landscape was shot only days before the great earthquake that would devastate the city.


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