Saturday, February 9, 2013

Riding The Rails Two Chicago Train Stories

Today we have a couple of stories that revolve around trains in Chicago. One of the reasons Chicago became the metropolis it is because of it's role as a hub for a lot of the nations rail activity. In addition the city has an extensive system of commuter tracks. So the area has a rich history of railroad stories. Our first story is about miles of what seem to be abandoned freight  cars

The Orphan Freight Cars On Chicago's Blue Line Oak & Forest Park 

Published ChiTownView Feb 9, 2013

I take the blue line downtown and back from the Forest Park station and for at least the last three months I've noticed this long line of train cars that stretch from west of Des Plaines in Forest Park all the way east to almost Austin. That's almost a couple of miles of freight cars that have just been sitting there for more than three months. It just seems odd, Has anyone else that rides the blue line noticed this? Video is in double speed.

The Chicago Railroad Fair's "Wheels A-Rolling" Pageant Late 1940's, Color 

Our second train story is about a Chicago exposition that took place in 1948 & 49 and was held in Burnham park, on Lake Michigan between 21st & 31st streets. It celebrated 100 years of railroading or more precisely 100 years of the first train to operate out of Chicago. It was a tremendous success with all manner of railroading equipment on display.

There was also the "Wheels A-Rolling" pageant which traces the development of railroads & Chicago. This is what this film shows us. For more about the fair visit the Wiki page.

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