Saturday, February 9, 2013

Junction 88 A 1940's Black Musical w/ Noble Sissle & Cab Calloways Screen Debut

Today on MindsiMedia we uploaded a couple of films from the early days of African American cinema.

Junction 88 pt.1, 1940's Black Musical w/ Noble Sissle, Eubie Blake's Partner

Junction 88 is the name of the small town where this musical story takes place. For the most part it's a lightweight film with a pop tin pan alley sound. A girl is in love with a musician her father thinks she should marry someone with a steady job. A famous bandleader comes to town to find the musician but has a fictitious name and can't find and it all works out in the end. Stop me if you've heard this before.

The movie features the charms of Pigmeat Markham but the real start of the show is the bandleader who played by one black popular musics pioneers Noble Sissle. He was a pioneering African American jazz musician and composer who got his start in vaudeville performing with his partner Eubie Blake. They performed as the Dixie Duo and developed a musical revue called "Shuffle Along". It premiered as a musical in 1921and went on to  become the first Broadway production written and performed by black people. Among the hit songs from Shuffle Along are "I'm Just Wild About Harry" and "Love Will Find a Way."

He went onto a thirty year career as a bandleader and is known as the man who brought Lena Horne into prominence in the 30's. Later in the 1950's he became a disc jockey in New York City. He passed away in 1975.

Production Company: Sack Amusement Enterprises

Creative Commons license: Public Domain Mark 1.0

Minnie The Moocher, Cab Calloway & Betty Boop 

Here we see the screen debut of Mr. Cab Calloway doing that thing he does. THE classic "Minnie The Moocher" with him doing some serious steppin. Then a trippy cartoon from Fleischer studios starring the one and only Betty Boop. Join her on a nocturnal excursion where she encounters Bimbo. Hi De Ho! Sorry about the crappy sound though.

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