Saturday, February 2, 2013

Andy Warhol's "Lonesome Cowboys" & Wakefield Poole "Boys In The Sand"

We have made some new additions to our Andy Warhol,Velvet Underground & other 60's NYC Art Stuff playlist. Among the items we added are a couple worth pointing out. First we fond a copy of Warhol & Paul Morisssey's 1968 western satire entitled “Lonesome Cowboys”. It was filmed in late January in Tucson on a set that had been used a few times by John Wayne.

It contains a rape scene that landed Andy on the FBI's watch list. Responding fro a citizens compliant the feds investigated but never charged Andy. In August while the film was playing in Atlanta the film was seized and the theater manager arrested. Now a days you can see it right here.

Also of interest were a couple of film clips by Wesley Poole pop artist and gay porn pioneer. Mr. Poole was who was a NYC contemporary of Warhol's.

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