Monday, February 4, 2013

An Image From Heaven? God?

I have some pictures of space taken from the Hubble and other sources I've collected over the years and have been using one as my backdrop. There were some portions of the picture that looked interesting that I wanted to isolate. So opened the photo to do some cropping and discovered something that looks like a face in a portion of the picture. A small section of the universe looks like a face. Take a look at the larger picture in the lower left quadrant there is a ghostly image. See it?

Then there's the smaller photo of that image cropped and while I admit it doesn't really strengthen my idea. But still to me it still looks like it might be something a message perhaps maybe another form of intelligence is saying we see you. We know what you look like. Is it God? Is it a message from him? I myself am not a Christian and don't have any association with organized religion. So I'm not pushing any point of view it's just something interesting I found staring off into space. Just a nonbeliever who finds it interesting. Anybody else see it?

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