Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vintage Neon Sign, For The Worst(?) Hotel In Chicago

The second stop on my recent journey to south Logan Square was to capture this great old neon sign still blazing away in front of the Milshire Hotel on a snowny afternoon in late December. It was a cool sign and I didn't think much of it until I did a little research. I discovered that this unassuming place might really be one of the worst hotels in the city. I'm sure there are ones so foul that nobody would review them because then they would have to admit they stayed there. But I've never read so many bad reviews about one businesses, many of them very funny. It has cockroaches, bed bugs, junkies, crack heads and more.Here's one of the more disturbing from Google plus.

"My mom stayed here and is now in the hospital, this is not a joke. Her immune system was already weak and the bed bugs, filth, and bathroom, gave her an infection that spread into her lungs, and all over her skin. she has purple pus filled legions all over her body. her lung is essentialy dead. she is in the hospital in a medicated coma while they try and stop the infection. this place comes with an in house dealer. the doctors who have to treat the people who come outa here say the dope you buy in this placed is cut with somthing that causes bad infections and makes people have false positves for lopus. there was a brown crusty, some-what slimey, substance and the door handle when i touched it. a lady died there the day before and the police drug her body down the stairs like she was a laundry bag. the people their give the owner there social secruity checks he takes out 600 dollars for one months rent, and the in house dealer gets the rest and delivers poisen laced dope write to your room for the rest of your money. this place is as close as you can get to hell on earth"

Enough said? 

I also came across on Flickr a set of "junkie chic" photos taken at the Milshire.

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