Sunday, January 6, 2013

Afghanistan 1973 A Look At The Soviet Era & 1989 w/ John Stockwell

Uploaded by ChiTownView 1/6/13

Today the United States has had troops on the ground in Afghanistan for over a decade and the country has been a bloody battleground since shortly after this film was produced. In it we get a look at the country before forty years of civil and geopolitical war has ravaged it. The narration focuses on the overthrow of King Zahir and the institution of a Soviet backed republic. The film appears to be a bit of CIA propaganda meant to stir up alarm about the growing Russian influence.
In less than a decade Jimmy Carter would begin financing warlords in northern Afghanistan to fight the Soviet backed government. This would of course lead to the direct Soviet military intervention which was followed by the creation of the Islamic fundamentalist army that would defeat the Soviets. Elements of this army would later evolve into Al-Queda and we all know where that led to.

 We also have on Mindsi2 one of our other stations a 1989 interview with former CIA station chief John Stockwell. He gives his insight on the then decade long battle to bring down the Soviet backed government. One that in the end was successful and gave rise to the Taliban.

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