Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Statue of Liberty In Chicago, Liberty Savings Bank

Milwaukee Ave. is a major arterial street that begins near downtown Chicago and runs northwest for some forty miles ending up in Gurnee where it joins US Rt. 41 for the rest of the way to Milwaukee another fifty or so miles further north. Highways like the Kennedy, Edens and Tri State Tollway roughly follow the path first laid down by Milwaukee Rd. It is not home to any of the areas great buildings or has played host to any of the windy city's lurid crimes. Solid would be a good word to describe it. Anyway

I needed to visit the 7/11 at the corner of Milwaukee & Fullerton, just south of the Logan Square area.. I'm a field inspector who travels all over the city giving me the opportunity to discover and capture the odd little things that catch my eye. What I found here was this ten to fifteen foot high replica of the Statue of Liberty standing proudly atop the Liberty Bank For Savings.

As it turns out this is a little slice of "It's A Wonderful Life". Because this is a financial institution that began over a hundred years ago as a "building & loan". They are also offering some pretty attractive rates. Here is some of their history from the web site.

"In 1898, members of the Parish of All Saints Polish National Catholic Church banded together in the spirit of "neighbors helping neighbors", to form a Building and Loan Association named, "The Savings Bank of the People of All Saints".

By 1911 assets had climbed and the name was changed to Liberty Building and Loan Association. The name was changed again in 1938 to Liberty Savings and Loan Association of Chicago. The bank again changed its name in 1973 to Liberty Savings.

In 1990 the Bank changed its name one last time to Liberty Bank for Savings. Today, with five locations, Liberty Bank is still dedicated to serving the people living and working in its communities. True to the nature of our Founders' intentions, we remain a community-oriented, financial institution providing a safe place for people to invest their savings and a local source for financing their dream of home ownership."

Well this started out as a post about two neat looking signs I saw on the same street a couple of blocks apart. Now I've found that the sign in this case makes a good story on it's own. And here is the sign caught it just as we were getting a little dusting of "lake effect" snow.

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