Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Great American Bullshit Machine

And now a word for our sponsor in the form of thoughts from early on Sunday morning. That started with one thought then led to another and another and so on.

I'm tired of crippling myself just so I can believe in a lot of bullshit.

It is the story of my life

It is the story of America since 1980

In the 50's, 60's & 70's we were tired of the bullshit and weren't going to take it anymore. We were going to change things. And for awhile we did in a short amount of time radical change came to the country and centuries of legalized discrimination ended in this country. In ten years historic barriers were removed and the playing field opened up for women and minorities. Homosexuals were no longer arrested or treated as psychological defectives. An entire generation stood up and said we aren't going to fight your fucking made up war and you can't make us. Decades of investment in universal public education were paying off as people were becoming smarter.

Then came the year 1980 and a large part of America went into the stupid hole. America was tricked into electing a highly paid corporate shill. A B movie actor who had testified against his fellow actors during the red scare named Ronald Reagan. He was selling a ridiculous economic plan that consisted of taking money and power away from people and give it to the wealthiest people who since they no longer have to reinvest their profits back into the business to avoid a big tax penalty began to keep the money for themselves. His opponent George Bush hardly a card carrying liberal called the plan voodoo economics.

He was right but like too many people he ate the shit burger and said my but isn't that tasty?

How did this happen? Because that whole generation that stood up and made those changes stopped and began to follow the slogan tune in, turn on, drop out. We stepped into a giant bullshit machine full of fake wars, easy credit, economic bubbles and the gradual disintegration of American society. Which has brought us to where we are today.

And for many of us it's like that poor schmuck in the film Good Fellas that owns the nightclub the gangsters take over and then bust out. It's a brilliant piece of storytelling complete with narration as they explain how the parasites attack the healthy host and then suck all the life out of it. Then move on to the next easy mark. The people who brought us the Reagan revolution took that gangster trick and applied it to entire countries. And we have sat there watched it happen and for the most part did nothing or cheered it all on. Honestly folks as someone who has sat here and watched this happen it's all very surreal. Kind of like an episode of the Twilight Zone a show that may not been so much ahead of it's time but just very good at describing them.

But where do we go from here?

Both political parties are controlled by the very wealthy so all governmental power is in their hands and they use it to make sure that it is their interests are served and their ideas frame the debate. They are willing to concede on some social issues and allow progressives to think that they are winning the fight. But when it comes to the money there is no conceding both parties are in lock step. Just look at the economic policies of both of the Democratic presidents of the last thirty years. Take a close look at at our current president's.

For those who might be optimistic about our ability to change things only need look at what has happened over the past couple of years as people have tried to organize. You saw a global uprising of people against corporate & governmental corruption. In country after country fueled by the Internet there were protest and revolutions. In response there was governmental crackdown not against the corruption but against the protesters. In there were few successful revolutions and the ones that did success didn't seem to bring much in the way of economic change.

We'll explore this theme further in my next post where I'll offer my casual observer on the scene look at America's brief romance with the occupy movement.

Anyway back to our irregular programming, stay tuned for further updates. Because we always like to off you a video treat here we have one that kind of fits. This from Democracy Now! where we hear from former bank regulator William Black and Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi join us to dissect the career of Jack Lew, President Obama’s pick to replace Treasury Secretary Timothy Geither.

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