Sunday, January 27, 2013

Silk Spot Sexploitation Update; John Waters & Doris Wishman

Silk Spot is our You Tube station where we delve into the world of sexpolitation films. It started out as a station for a client that wanted something risque. That deal didn't work out but but the videos found an audience so we've kept working at it. This week we've made a couple of updates

First we have uploaded a film clip from a Doris Wishman film "Diary of a Nudist" and we have also uploaded the complete unedited film to our Too Hot For You Tube web page. Doris was a maverick film producer a cousin to the Hammer film family she staked out her own territory in the world of nudie films. Over an eighteen year period in the sixties and seventies she produced twenty films. Diary is one of her early efforts.

See the full length film here at the Too Hot For You Tube page.

And we have created a playlist for sexploitation giant John Waters. A man who in his older days has gained a level of acceptability but got his start making movies where men are fucking chickens. There are a lot of interviews, clips and other little tidbits here as well as three full length movies.

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