Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It Used To Be There, Olson Memorial Park At The Corner of Pulaski & Diversey Chicago

We continue you our exploration of odd little spots in Chicago's northwest side by visiting this corner and show you what used to be there.One of my earliest childhood memories was going somewhere in the north side of Chicago to this way cool waterfall and rock garden. It was just a vague memory until I was sorting through somepost cards in a thrift shop and came across this one for a park that used to be part of the Olson Rug Factory. I picked the card up and filed it away for twenty years or so until recently. I came across it again when digitizing my collection.

It's a cool card and a neat little memory so I went back to where it used to be at the northwest corner of Pulaski & Diversey and checked out some of the scant history of this spot. So you could call this video another case of “it used to be there”. 

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