Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ansel Adams, A Documentary & Photos From Internment Camp

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Here we have a fine documentary about one of the giants of 20th century photography Ansel Adams. He is of course renowned for his landscape portraits of the American west and the efforts he went through to get his iconic shots. This film lays out the creative process he went through to create his art. It also includes one Mr. Adams other passions the piano. It is he that provides the musical background. For those of you that have only shot digitally this film offers clear evidence at how much work and effort went into developing his pictures.

While researching Mr. Adams I came across a series of pictures he took of the Manzanar Relocation camp. That is where Japanese Americans were held during WW 2. There are more than two hundred photos in this collection and I thought I would share a few here with you on Flickr.

Here's a link to my photostream if you want to see the rest.

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