Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Trip To Old New Orleans, Carnival, Mardi Gras & More

Laissez les bon temps roulez !!

It's January here in Chicago with the temperatures hovering around zero and the sun playing hide and seek for days on end. So ones thoughts turn to happier days in warmer climes. Like the upcoming festival of good times known as carnival and Mardi Gras for which the city of New Orleans is famous for.

We here at MindsiMedia are big fans of this holiday our most popular video is a film taken of the 1941 parade. It's in glorious color and the first year women were allowed to parade. We have a few other Mardi Gras videos and have put them in a playlist which we will have a link for below.

The first clip gives us a look back that starts in the 1860's and has two parts. The first part is an edited film made by Ford Motor Co. in 1926. It gives a little history of the town showing some famous sites as well as parts of the 1923 Mardi Gras parade. The second part are a series of Mardi Gras photos form the 1860's to 1941.

We have also rounded up some vintage New Orleans jazz from the 1920's for a little flavour. The tracks used are;1.Way Down Yonder In New Orleans / ? 2. Joseph Robechaux His New Orleans Rhythm Boys / AfterMeTheSunGoesDown 3. New Orleans Wanderers / PerdidoStreetBlues

And here is the 1941 film that I mentioned above.

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