Sunday, December 23, 2012

Footage From The New Gladiators An Elvis Martial Arts Documentary

Published by MindsiMedia on Dec 23, 2012
For today's tribute to Elvis's upcoming 88th birthday we have an obscure clip from a movie Elvis backed in his later years. Here's the story right from the DVD's site.

"In 1974 the producer George Waite had an idea to make a film on martial arts in which Elvis Presley would play a leading role and introduce the real martial arts to the world. His role was to be narrator and demonstrator.

When Waite presented his idea to his Kenpo Karate instructor Ed Parker, who was also Elvis' karate instructor, within minutes he found himself sitting at Elvis' dining room table. "The KING" had on his karate uniform and a bath robe. Parker had called Elvis and set up the meeting right on the spot!

Elvis who liked the idea in theory was leaving within minutes for Las Vegas to do one of his shows, so he said he would think about it and get back to him.

Well the next morning Waite was awakened by Elvis' phone call and before he knew it Elvis had sent his airplane back from Las Vegas to pick up Waite and his wife to come to the show that night in Las Vegas."
To finish the story follow the link.

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