Saturday, December 22, 2012

Historic (?) Oak Park, 644 Madison, E. E. Roberts Designed Auto Dealership

I was getting gas on Madison Ave. and while pumping my eyes wandered across the street. There I saw some little faces tucked along the roofline so I went across the street to get a closer look at what must have been an auto dealership. Here is that look at those details that were set in stone so long ago.

My original local station was called OakParkVideo and we will soon be closing it and are now uploading it's videos here. This is one of them since I originally posted it I have since discovered the building is the work of E.E. Roberts and for the past few years local preservationists have been working to save the facade.

There were plans to have an Aldi store move and they would preserve it but it would appear as though those plans have fallen through. It was originally a Packard dealership and served as an auto place for most of it's life. A lot of us that grew up in Oak Park will remember this spot as the home of Meeting House Display.

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