Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fetishistic Outtakes From Ed Wood's Glen Or Glenda

Published on the Sinema Dec 19, 2012
Glen or Glenda is Ed Woods famous film made for the tidy sum of $60,000 dollars in 1953. It is a movie that was supposed to be about sex change sensation Chistine Jourgenson. That's what producer George Weiss was paying for but the film got hijacked by director Wood.  Who turned it into a semi autobiographical story about cross dressing.

This footage was shot by director W. Merle Connell for a different film but never made it to the final cut of Glen or Glenda. . It contains scenes of clothed women engaging in sexually provocative behavior including mild lesbian bondage. This is intercut with reaction shots from malesfrom Glen or Glenda including the star Bela Lugosi.

Here is a link to the whole movie:

And a link to Ed Wood the story behind the making of Glen & Glenda as told by Tim Burton & Johnny Depp:

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