Saturday, December 15, 2012

An Afternoon With Jimi Hendrix, Live Performances, 1st Interview & More

Jimi Hendrix had he lived would have turned 70 a couple of weeks ago and to coincide with his birthday there was news of a lp containing some previously unissued material that hints at the musical direction he might have taken had he lived. "People, Hell and Angels" is due to come out in early March and reportedly moves in a more Earth Wind & Fire direction.

Here is an early interview with Jimi from The Detroit Free Press from 1967. It is from a story written by Loraine Alterman  in the,

"No exaggeration: the Jimi Hendrix Experience is the most exciting act I have yet seen in pop music.
A small, musically hip group of kids turned out to see Jimi at the Fifth Dimension in Ann Arbor recently. Jimi, his bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell are creating a sensation in England and Europe – but the word hasn't spread here yet.
On stage, Jimi, with hair a la Dylan, puts on a show with his brilliant guitar playing and electric stage presence. While performing, Jimi swings the guitar in back of him and plays it resting on his back. He also zings it with his teeth or falls to the floor to play it. Sometimes (but not at the Fifth Dimension), he burns it at the end of his set. In Ann Arbor, when his amplifier blew, he flung the amp to the floor at the end of his last set and jumped up and down on top of it.
Paradoxically, he never blows his cool. While he's frantic, he's casual. As he's hurling the instrument around, a gleam of humour comes through. He's hip without being a hippie – that is, he's without the pretentiousness and pomposity which afflicts too many hippies."

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MindsiMedia also has a Hendrix playlist with more than eight hours of live shows, biographical material & more. Here is a clip from Stockholm of a 1969 performance of "Voodoo Chile"

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