Saturday, November 3, 2012

Voodoo Man, Bela Lugosi 1940's Cult Film Gem

Now this mid 1940's film is an unsung classic B horror movie that we have just added to our Midnight Movie playlist. I've been watching horror movies for some fifty years and really enjoy the films from the 1930's through the 70's and I'd never heard of Voodoo Man, Then I was on the site looking for new things to add to my station when I came across Voodoo Man. It looked like something that would fit in nicely with our other cinematic offerings so I downloaded it.

Then as I was editing Voodoo Man into 15 minute chunks and doing some research on it I became intrigued. After all anything with both Lugosi & Carradine in it had to be worth a look. So after uploading it I sat down to give it a look. Now if your looking for a “great” movie that will scare the pants off you Voodoo Man is not the one. But if you want a little more than an hours worth of bad movie greatness watch this film.

Bela Lugosi stars as Dr. Marlowe who lives out somewhere in small town America. He has a small gang of flunkies led by John Carradine who delivers a creepy performance as Toby the conga drum playing head stooge. They have an elaborate trap to kidnap beautiful young women traveling alone. The doctor needs young women because he is trying to revive his wife who has been dead for 25 years.

Into trhis setup walks Ralph Dawson a Hollywood scriptwriter on his way back east to get married. He runs out of gas and is hitchhiking when.........If you want to find out what happens next you'll just have to watch the movie.

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