Thursday, November 22, 2012

Robert Johnson And The Development of Intellectual Property

Back in the 1920's & 30's Robert Johnson wrote & recorded a song called “Me and the Devil Blues” He had a short life and died broke nobody was much interested in what he'd done or portecting his rights when he was living. Yet his spirit lives on and his voice can still be heard today. Of course his music is now considered intellectual property and is owned bought and sold by people who have for the most part never heard Robert Johnson or his music.

This was highlighted for me recently when I was doing some paperwork for one of my YouTube stations. When you use material other people created you have to have the right to do that. Sometimes there are disputes that you where you have to submit your proof that have rights to uses the material.

A lot of times it's not the film or video that is in dispute but music used on it. So you get these notices from You Tube and it shows the company (ies) that are claiming rights. ANYWAY I got a notice about a movie named Crossroads and in one scene they used the above named Johnson tune. Ans here is a list of companies claiming rights.

Robert Johnson-Me and the Devil Blues", sound recording administered by:
[Merlin] Essential Music
Kontor New Media

Six different companies!!!!!!! It's not a big story or anything but it's kind of interesting and a good reason to post a clip of the song.

 & What is Intellectual Property?

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