Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Vote For President Goes To....

President Obama because has done an acceptable job, Mitt Romney has nothing to offer and no one else has a chance.


George McGovern died this year. He was the first person I ever voted for. That was forty years ago and this year I'll be casting my tenth presidential vote. I am a Democrat because they best represent my values. Back when McGovern ran they still fought for them. Since then the political system has become so corrupted by the influence of big money, the one percent of last falls American spring. That those values that Democrats fought for have increasingly become window dressing covering up ownership of both parties by the interests of big wealth. We have returned politically to the days of post Civil War America.

Four years ago when I voted for Barack Obama it was one of the few times that I was feeling good about who I was voting for. On the night of the election four years ago I was down in Grant Park celebrating it was a beautiful moment. Below I've posted a video from that night. The time since then he has disappointed me more often than not and in some very fundamental ways. But he has my vote again because he has been true to his word. On the one hand he hasn't done what I hoped he would do like investigate and prosecute the Bush administration over Iraq or Wall Street over the financial collapse. On the other hand he never said he was going to. He said he was going to bring the country together. So to go after bush would have so polarize the political process that Obama wouldn't be able to bring the country together. Of course the GOP said screw you buddy were going to do everything we can to keep you from succeeding and have spent the last four years doing just that. And the President didn't go after Wall street because it would have exposed his own parties part in the financial collapse. Is it the right thing to do? No it's not but it's not enough to keep me from supporting his reelection.

Hey I 'm from Chicago and know it's history. So I understand that both parties are corrupted. All you have to do is follow the money. I'm used to seeing politicians who are bought and paid for. But Barack Obama talks like a president, carries himself like a president and leads like a president. That's why I'm voting for him. That and the fact that Mitt Romney is a man who has made a fortune by enriching himself by destroying the American dream for so many. His business model has helped greatly shrink the middle class. And on top of it he has carried himself and conducted a campaign that does not inspire any great trust in what kind of leadership he would provide.

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