Monday, October 22, 2012

The Wicker Park Connection To The St. Valentines Day Massacre

This is another video in the ChiTownView series Chicago Crime Now & Then where we take a look at key places, people and events in the Windy City's underworld history.

The roots of the St. Valentines Day massacre lead back to an area of Chicago that was just named one of the ten hippest areas of the country. The events before after and the day of this horrific event revolve around Wicker Park on the north side and not Al Capone's south side. Wicker Park in 1929 was controlled by the Circus gang. Headquartered and the Circus Cafe at 1957 W, North. Which was owned by the gangs leader Clyde "screwy" Maddox. They weren't part of the Capone organization but were allied with him and organization heavyweights like Jack McGurn and Tony Accardo broke in with this north side gang.

Anyway that area was also home to another Capone ally Patsy Lolardo who was head of the Union Sciliano a powerful Sicilian American social organization who leadership had a tendency to die suddenly and violently in the roaring 20's. Patsy lived less than a block away from the Circus at 1921 North.

On January 9 1929 Mr. Lolardo and his wife came home from a day of shopping to their ornately furnished third floor apartment. Shortly after getting home Patsy had some visitors who his wife had seen before but didn't know who they were. She brought them some pasta and left them alone so they could drink, eat and talk. After an hour or so shots ring out and when Mrs. Lolardo enters the room the men are gone and her husband lies dead in front of the fireplace. It is widely believed that the three gunmen were Peter and Gusenberg and who were to all die less than two months later on Valentines Day.

The car that drove the killers to the Moran garage was seen leaving the Circus Cafe shortly before the killings. After the massacre the police found the car less than two blocks away at 1723 N. Wood.  Neighbors became alarmed when they saw smoke coming out of the garage in back of this house. When the police responded they found the car that some one had been in the process of cutting up. When they went to the address that the man gave when the garage was rented it was next to the Circus and they could find no trace of anyone.

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