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Frankenstein Part 1 Starring (Drunken?) Lon Chaney Jr. 1950's TV Production

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From the old television series Tales Of Tomorrow we offer this production of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. It stars Lon Chaney Jr. who was the only actor to portray all four of the Universal monsters; Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman and, the mummy.
This version of the Mary Shelly classic is most infamous for the at times confused performance by Mr. Chaney. This is from the post about the film from the detailed post on the Frankenstania web site.

"The confusion is most apparent when he's handling large props. On a couple of occasions, Chaney gingerly handles chairs that were obviously meant to be smashed. He carries one chair across the set, puts it down and, looking at the camera, mumbles something about "saving" it. Later on, he grabs another large chair, lifts it high, then gingerly puts it down and follows up by miming the violent gesture of throwing it down. It's obvious, at this point, that Chaney was going through the broadcast as if it was a dress rehearsal."
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