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Conservatory In Oak Park, A Beautiful, Restive Spot

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Located on the villages south side right off the Oak Park / East Ave. exit of the blue line is this almost century old conservatory. It provides the plantings for the villages parks and offers three rooms of exotic plants. We visit the fern room with it's Pondarosa Lemon tree. The tropical room with it's exotic birds and jumbo goldfish. And the cactus room with all kinds of odd cacti.

It's a great place to take small children especially during the winter. This is also a good meditative spot each of the rooms have some benches so you can sit and just clear your head and take a break.

It was almost torn down in the 1970's but was saved by a citizens group and in 2005 it was placed on the National Registrar of Historic Places.
Visit the park districts web site. www.​oakparkparks.​com/​parks/​pf_18.​htm

Or visit them in person. 615 Garfield St Oak Park, IL 60304 708-386-4700
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