Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Ghostly Graveyard & A Pirate Ship Halloween On S. Home Ave. Oak Park

Those of you who lived on the south side of Oak Park and enjoy Halloween displays might remember the 1100 block of south Home in Oak Park Il. It seemed to start with two houses that were side by side and they had a graveyard. Then as the years went on others on the block began doing displays. The best was this one family built a pirate ship with a real skeleton crew.

I went by the week and saw that the block was pretty much barren of decorations now. Time passes kids grow up and people move on. The I remembered I had a couple of minutes of video of displays as part of a longer piece. So I went and trimmed it down and stretched it out.
The underlying soundscape was assembled by my sidekick Grand and is composed of the following clips fro thefreesoundproject.

By hello_flowers ( SHIP SOUND REQUEST!.wav (
By ERH ( ghostly voices.wav (
By dsp9000 ( Nagging Cat echo.wav (
By james duckett ( feebleefforts.wav (
By viorelvio ( sunetul_de_lup_27386.mp3 (
By martian ( bela lugusi.aiff (
By shawshank73 ( mommy_daddy03.wav (
By SoundMunger ( Groans.wav (
By Guitarz1970 ( Underground Scare Em.wav (

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