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Frankenstein Part 1 Starring (Drunken?) Lon Chaney Jr. 1950's TV Production

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From the old television series Tales Of Tomorrow we offer this production of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. It stars Lon Chaney Jr. who was the only actor to portray all four of the Universal monsters; Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman and, the mummy.
This version of the Mary Shelly classic is most infamous for the at times confused performance by Mr. Chaney. This is from the post about the film from the detailed post on the Frankenstania web site.

"The confusion is most apparent when he's handling large props. On a couple of occasions, Chaney gingerly handles chairs that were obviously meant to be smashed. He carries one chair across the set, puts it down and, looking at the camera, mumbles something about "saving" it. Later on, he grabs another large chair, lifts it high, then gingerly puts it down and follows up by miming the violent gesture of throwing it down. It's obvious, at this point, that Chaney was going through the broadcast as if it was a dress rehearsal."
Read the rest of the post here.

A Ghostly Graveyard & A Pirate Ship Halloween On S. Home Ave. Oak Park

Those of you who lived on the south side of Oak Park and enjoy Halloween displays might remember the 1100 block of south Home in Oak Park Il. It seemed to start with two houses that were side by side and they had a graveyard. Then as the years went on others on the block began doing displays. The best was this one family built a pirate ship with a real skeleton crew.

I went by the week and saw that the block was pretty much barren of decorations now. Time passes kids grow up and people move on. The I remembered I had a couple of minutes of video of displays as part of a longer piece. So I went and trimmed it down and stretched it out.
The underlying soundscape was assembled by my sidekick Grand and is composed of the following clips fro thefreesoundproject.

By hello_flowers ( SHIP SOUND REQUEST!.wav (
By ERH ( ghostly voices.wav (
By dsp9000 ( Nagging Cat echo.wav (
By james duckett ( feebleefforts.wav (
By viorelvio ( sunetul_de_lup_27386.mp3 (
By martian ( bela lugusi.aiff (
By shawshank73 ( mommy_daddy03.wav (
By SoundMunger ( Groans.wav (
By Guitarz1970 ( Underground Scare Em.wav (

Casket Races In Forest Park Il.

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Forest Park Il. held it's first casket races this past Saturday. Teams of ghosts, ghouls and guys in tutus from all over the village competed in the block long race held on Beloit just south of Madison.It was all part of a day of Halloween family fun that included trick & treating for the kids and an afternoon concert.

On the video we see the entries, thrill to the timed heats and watch the eliminations until a victor is crowned.

Resurrection Mary, Chicago's Hitch Hiking Ghost!

Uploaded by on Sep 10, 2011
A young couple out for an evening of fun at the The Oh Henry Ballroom in the 1930's. They argue and Mary runs off to hitch a ride home only to be killed by a hit and run driver. Since that time she has been picked up several times always trying to get to the same place Resurrection Cemetery where she is buried!

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It's a Trick & A Treat It's A Halloween Feast!

I looked out my window this morning and what sight greeted me but an early tick or treater helping themselves.That squirrel has damn good aim.

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Son of Ingagil All African American Cast, 1940 Horror Movie Part 1

Uploaded by on Apr 11, 2010
  Today's Halloween treat is an obscure gem of a horror/sci fi film from 1940 that features thrills, laughs and a musical performance by The Four Toppers. And it also includes these two oddities for 1940's all black cast and the mad scieintest in this case is a woman.
IMDB listing:
A short bio on the Four Toppers:

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Werewolves On Wheels Video Remix

Uploaded by on Oct 31, 2009
Here's a movies that has a;most everything bikes, babes, brawling, satanic rituals, motorcycle stunts, werewolves, rednecks and some killer music by Don Gere(?). A group of motorcyclists known as the Devil's Advocates are out on a pleasant Sunday ride in their Harley's when a couple of rednecks in a pickup truck run one of them off the road. As you can imagine this dosen't sit well with the rest of the gang and a chase ensues. In this clip we've taken the trtailer and mixed it w/ the opening scenes so you can pretty much watch the whole movie in four minutes if you want.To see the full movie click here

And a question when was the last good biker movie?

Frankenstein 80, A Italian Horror/Skin Flick Todays Halloween Treat

For our Halloween movie of the day we have dug into our midnight movie playlist and come up with a real diamond in the rough. Only in the 1970's would a movie like this be made. Frankenstein '80 is a sleazy, thrashy horror non-epic filled with blood, skin and yes there is plenty of bad acting.

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Naked Kiss & Kansas City Confidential Another Film Noir Double Header

Kansas City Confidential

Outstanding black & white 1952 film noir about a million dollar bank robbery and it's aftermath. John Payne doing his best Robert Mitchum, stars as a fall guy who gets sore at being framed and sets out to find the real robbers. Neville Brand, Lee Van Cleef & Jack Elam play the real stickup men. Preston Foster is a retired police detective and the gorgeous Coleen Gray is her daughter and love interest for Payne.

It's a great little film that moves quickly and looks great. The plot takes many twists and turns which keeps me from revealing too much of the plot. But it delivers a solid ninety minutes entertainment.

Naked Kiss

Sam Fuller tells us a heart warming story of how a young woman is able to weather adversity and transform herself. It is also a nasty little film noir / soap opera from 1963. In the opening sequence we meet Kelly a bald headed hooker who knocks a man out and takes $75 from him.
Fast forward two years and run into Kelly again as she arrives at the bus station of a small town. She quickly meets Griff local captain of police and the film obligatory cynical veteran. We learn that Kelly is now operating as a traveling “champagne” saleswoman”. Griff samples some of Kelly's wares and later as they are getting dressed he tells her that he runs a nice town and if she wants to set up shop she needs to go to the town on the other side of the river.

Flash forward again a couple of years and Kelly is still in town but is now works in a hospital with cripple kids. She has made herself in to a new person. Or has she? From this point on the story goes off the rails as Kelly's past catches up with her. Just as she finds true love with the town's richest man.

“Nothing but the buck, the bed and the bottle for the rest of my life.”

Just one example of the prose being dispensed by the hard bitten characters that populate this cinematic masterpiece. Oh there are a few slow spots but they are more than made up for by the high points. Like the line above, the opening scene, and when Kelly has been arrested there is a scene where she chats from her cell window with a group of kids playing in the alley behind the jail.

It's a wonderful film well worth taking the time to watch. We have posted Naked Kiss on our MindsiMedia YouTube station as part of our midnight movies collection. Near the end of each “part” of this movie there is a link at the bottom of the screen to take you to the next part.


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Music & Lyrics by THE WANTON LOOKS ©2012
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Mickey T. Craft
Edited by Traci Weingardt aka Traci Trouble
Shot by Derek Cox (Distract Chicago Productions)
Color by Fred Keller (Filmworker's Club)
Assistant Color by Joe Hunnewell (Filmworker's Club)
Graphics & WNN music by Jon Herrmann

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More Halloween Fun, A Trip To Bachelors Grove Cemetery, Most Haunted In Chicago?

Uploaded by on Sep 3, 2011
Chicago's explorer of the unknown Ed Shanahan takes on another guided tour of one of Chicago's paranormal hotspots. This time we head to the far south side, around 143rd and Ridgeland. That is where we find the remnants of Bachelors Grove. One of Chicago's oldest, most desecrated and many would say most haunted cemetery. A lot of the desecration occurred during the 1960's & 70's when this was a notorious party spot and hangout for other strange types. Ed's walking tour includes his own mid 70's encounter with the unknown during a visit.
Additional resources;
Here is a link to Ed's site TheUnexplainedWorld.
And a link to a Bachelors Grove website
If offbeat Chicago history interests you check out one of our sister stations ChiTownView

"Blood & Roses" A Roger Vadim Lesbian Vampire Film

We dip into our crypt of midnight movies for todays Halloween treat "Blood & Roses". This atmospheric 1960 vampire movie is best known as being the first vampire film to explore lesbian themes.  More of a European new wave film than skin flick it was directed by Roger Vadim who went on the marry Jane Fonda and make "Barbarella" with her.

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Halloween Countdown, Daughter of Horror Todays Classic Film

Our MindsiMedia Midnight Movies Playlist has a number of classic and not so classic film offerings. For the next week we will offer one of these from our vault.

Uploaded by on Jan 9, 2012
Only a dream. A dream of madness on a dark night. Or was it?"

Join us on a lonely woman's descent into madness over the course of an evening. This is a dark low budget surreal masterpiece on a par with Carnival of Souls or Eraserhead. There is some spare narration (from Ed McMahon) from time to time, music and sound effects but no conversation.

It is a skid row Hollywood evening is full of strange encounters with a little child, a flower girl and others. Like a wino who attacks her in an alley and when a policeman breaks it up and pistol whips the guy she laughs. Then he continues to pummel the man as she casually walks away.

Following that she gets picked up by a pimp who sells her out to a cigar smoking fat cat in a chauffeured limousine. He takes her out to a series of nightclubs then as they are driving around she begins to hallucinate and we are taken on a trip to a cemetery where we meet her parents an alcoholic bum and a lazy tramp who had one fight too many.

They end up back at the fat cat's apartment and following a meal the night really goes to hell in a hand basket and well the police become involved. There is a chase sequence where she shows outstanding running ability for a woman in heels. She eventually finds "safety" in another hallucination this one ends up in a jazz freak out with Shorty Rogers doing a tune called "Wig Out".

There's more (involving violent death and dismemberment) but really do you need to hear anymore? This gem is well worth the hour or so that it will occupy your time.

Originally made in 1953 under the name "Dementia" it wasn't released until 1955 under the title "Daughter of Horror". Director John Parker also made The Brain Eaters and Attack of the Giant Leeches. It stars first time actress Adrienne Barrett whose next film wouldn't come until thirty years later in 1986 "The More Things Change".

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The Wicker Park Connection To The St. Valentines Day Massacre

This is another video in the ChiTownView series Chicago Crime Now & Then where we take a look at key places, people and events in the Windy City's underworld history.

The roots of the St. Valentines Day massacre lead back to an area of Chicago that was just named one of the ten hippest areas of the country. The events before after and the day of this horrific event revolve around Wicker Park on the north side and not Al Capone's south side. Wicker Park in 1929 was controlled by the Circus gang. Headquartered and the Circus Cafe at 1957 W, North. Which was owned by the gangs leader Clyde "screwy" Maddox. They weren't part of the Capone organization but were allied with him and organization heavyweights like Jack McGurn and Tony Accardo broke in with this north side gang.

Anyway that area was also home to another Capone ally Patsy Lolardo who was head of the Union Sciliano a powerful Sicilian American social organization who leadership had a tendency to die suddenly and violently in the roaring 20's. Patsy lived less than a block away from the Circus at 1921 North.

On January 9 1929 Mr. Lolardo and his wife came home from a day of shopping to their ornately furnished third floor apartment. Shortly after getting home Patsy had some visitors who his wife had seen before but didn't know who they were. She brought them some pasta and left them alone so they could drink, eat and talk. After an hour or so shots ring out and when Mrs. Lolardo enters the room the men are gone and her husband lies dead in front of the fireplace. It is widely believed that the three gunmen were Peter and Gusenberg and who were to all die less than two months later on Valentines Day.

The car that drove the killers to the Moran garage was seen leaving the Circus Cafe shortly before the killings. After the massacre the police found the car less than two blocks away at 1723 N. Wood.  Neighbors became alarmed when they saw smoke coming out of the garage in back of this house. When the police responded they found the car that some one had been in the process of cutting up. When they went to the address that the man gave when the garage was rented it was next to the Circus and they could find no trace of anyone.

Online Hoax Leads To One Conclusion: People Are Weird

From the Chicago Sun-Times;
 "To realize just how weird, though, you should get a load of this court case just decided by the Illinois Supreme Court.
The case involved a lawsuit brought by a California woman who says she was the victim of an elaborate hoax carried out over two years by a gal in Batavia who courted her online while posing as a male firefighter — and as 20 other fictional characters to help further the ruse......."

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The Land where the Blues Began, Alan Lomax Gospel Doc.

Posted on YouTube by vintagegospel 
Alan A. Lomax Full Documentary "The Land where the Blues Began" footage from 1978-1985 Depicting Old Delta Blues and Southern Black Gospel.
 Film by John M. Bishop, Alan Lomax, Worth W. Long Produced by The Mississippi Authority for Eduational Television & Alan LomaxCinematographer: John M. Bishop. Additional photography Ludwig Goon.
Sound: Steve Darsey, Kenneth Gates, Jacqueline Mack, Paul BurtEditing: John M. Bishop. Videotape editor Ike Touchstone
Copyright: 1979 Alan Lomax
58 minutes, Color
Original format: 3/4 tape, 1979 


From The Sands To The Levee Sin & Vice In & Around The Loop

Videos uploaded by ChiTownView

Chicago has a long reputation for it's tolerance of sin and vice. For more than a half a century the downtown area had an area that was wide open where prostitution and gambling were allowed. A familiar pattern was formed a run down area became a mecca for saloons & bordellos politician's would be paid to look the other way and the area would flourish. Property values in the area would fall making it attractive to real estate speculators. Soon citizens were advocating to clean up vice. The city would then clean up the area be moving it's denizens further and further south. And usually larger area of sin and vice would develop and the same process would happen over and over again. This pattern would continue from the 1850's until just before prohibition.

At ChiTownView we have uploaded four videos that trace this almost forgotten history. It's a story that begins on the north banks of the Chicago river where now stand some of the cities most famous icons. Then the story shifts ever southward ending a couple of miles south of the loop where the Levee became one of the worlds most notorious vice areas.

"The Prostitute War", Marilyn Monroe & north Michigan Ave.

When the giant statue of Marilyn Monroe was erected on Chicago's "magnificent mile" many proper residents of the windy city were outraged. But perhaps whoever chose this spot for the statue was a student of Chicago's early history. Because while now it might be home to landmarks like the Wrigley building,Tribune tower and all the high class shops in the early days this was home to "the sands". This was the most dangerous spot in the city home to bordello's, saloons and gambling dens. A collection of thirty or so shacks, that had a tendency to fall down. They gathered here to serve the needs of sailors and dock workers that worked in the area. And in 1857 home to the infamous prostitute war. Follow the link to learn more.

The demise of the area came in 1857 as the result of a trick played by mayor “Long” John Wentworth. He organized and advertised a horse race which attracted most of the areas males. While they were thus distraced the mayor moved in with a team of horses. He served eviction notices and began tearing the shacks down. This touched off a near riot but in the end the residents were dispersed and by the next days the area was leveled and the remains torched. The sin and vice of course didn't end it just moved a little south and west the site of part two of our series.

The Loop 19th Century Vice Tour Pt.2. Gamblers, Whores & More

Chicago's downtown loop is a nice but fairly dull part of the city but it wasn't always. Chicago was a frontier town with all the vice and lawlessness that comes with it. So in the 19th century parts of the loop were full of gambling dens, bars, cheap hotels, brothels and other forms of low amusements. This past St. Patricks day I thought it would be a good time to take a little walking tour of some of the "hot spots".

The first video in our series told the story of The Sands Chicago's first vice are just north of the Chicago river. Following the dispersal of that area in 1857 the gamblers, whores and other low life's moved south and west where we pick up the story. We start at Clark and Randolph now home to the Daley center, Thompson Center & The Picasso. In the 1870's after the Chicago fire it was known as "gamblers row" with games of chance lining the street down to Monroe.

At the corner of Monroe & Clark we find the onetime headquarters of Mike McDonald a gambler who is credited with being the man who organized crime and the corruption of city government. Creating a "machine" that ruled for the better part of a century. He is also said to have invented the term "there's a sucker born every minute".

The sin and vice continued down Monroe where the gambling gave way to the prostitutes. Of course at Roger Plants "Under the Willow you could women, gambling and just about anything else in the world of vice and depravity. Rogers heyday was the 1860's and his place was so popular with the troops it was also known as "the barracks".

The selling of human bodies for sexual pleasure continued south down Wells street. Including one stretch between Quincy & Polk that was home to "Shinbone Alley" home of the "colored" whores.

Custom House Place & The Franklin Building, The Loop Vice Tour Pt. 3

In Chicago everything started downtown then wealth moved north and vice was moved further and further south. The Sands was Chicago's first vice district and as the land that resided on became more desirable the vice had to move. Chicago as a frontier town that got real big has always tolerated a degree of sanctioned vice. Until the first mayor Daley. Anyway after the Sands the vice moved down to Madison and Wells which we covered in the previous clip. By the late 1880's the Dearborn St. train station opened in the south loop and the area just north of that became the new vice area. Both Dearborn and Custom House Place were full of saloons, gambling dens and whore houses. Custom House Place was notorious for it's panel houses where suckers were lured in by women and then while they were occupied an accomplice would gain access to the room through hidden sliding doors and panels and rob the mark.

Like the other quasi legal vice districts Custom House existed for about a decade or two before being moved on further south until reaching it's grand conclusion at the Levee. This is the area a little further south near Chinatown that became one of the worlds most famous red light districts. It also cemented in place an unofficial alliance between government and "the underworld" that lasted for decades.

This area has been designated a national landmark not for it's sporting houses but for it also being the hub of the publishing industry and it is widely known as Printers Row. Lured by the same access to transportation that drew the criminal element it grew into one of the world centers of printing. The Franklin Company was one of the dozens of publishers in the area and the building we show at the corner of Dearborn and Polk is the second they had in the area and operated between 1912-1983. The gorgeous panel above door and along the front, depicts the Gutenberg printing house.

The Levee, The Chicago Vice Tour Pt.4 


Also known as the most corrupt spot on the planet was an experiment in social engineering carried out by "Hinky Dink" McKenna and Alderman John "Bath House" Coughlin. They were a pair rouge Chicago politicians who thought the citizens of Chicago would be best served by concentrating vice in one or two areas,under their control. The Levy in the video was located between 19th & Cermak and Sate & Clark streets. It was "created" to move a smaller contained vice district just south of the rapidly developing downtown "loop area". It was moved into a much larger area also to handle the expected crowds for the 1893 Colombian Exposition.

The Levee was just like the fair was a world-class exposition home to over two hundred brothels and saloons. With names like; The House of All Nations, The Little Green House, Bed Bug Row, the Bucket of Blood, The Why Not(the city's first S&M club), The Sapho, Freidberg's Dance Hall, and the Everleigh Club. The latter was a world renown sporting house operated the Everleigh sisters. And it was pimp and gangster "Big" Jim Colosimo who controled this area for McKenna and Coughlin. It operated in this pretty much wide open manner for almost twenty years. Then in 1912 a lurid, scathing report was issued called "The Social Evil in Chicago " and it effectively blew the lid off the Levee. The report in conjunction with a larger social movement for legally controlling vice spelled the end of the Levee.

And now even the streets where it once stood are now gone replaced by a towering senior citizens apartment complex. Of course the vice wasn't eliminated by closing down the Levee it just wasn't on such public display. The Levee made Mr. Colosimo a very wealthy and powerful man who kept his control over vice. In 1910 he opened a high-class restaurant Colosimo's Cafe" at 2126 S. Wabash on the eastern fringes of his empire. If you've seen HBO's Boardwalk Empire then you know that this is where Big Jim was killed under orders of Johnny Torrio his second in command. The killing said to have been carried out by Al Capone.
Big Jim's cafe is a memory in its place stands (lays?) the parking lot for a 1920's style dinner theater Tommy Guns Garage. One of the few places that pay homage to Chicago's unsavory past. They are well worth checking out here is a link to their site.
At any rate just down the street at 2222 S. Wabash Torrios headquarters The 4 Duces. Home to woman, whiskey and gambling. Imported by Torrio from New York to act as bouncer was a young Al Capone. As prohibition was becoming the law of the land Torrio was eager to organize this soon to be illicit vice. Big Jim was getting older and perhaps more refined wanted no part of it. So in the end as they say "he had to go". Torrio had Big Jim killed and went on to organize the distribution of booze along with the rest of crime in Chicago.

St. Mary of The Angels Beatuiful 19th Century Chicago North Side Church

Posted by ChiTownView
I was in an alley in Chicago's Buck town area Saturday in search of the garage where the police found the car used in the St. Valentines Day massacre. When I looked up the alley I saw this beautiful church dome. It belonged to the church St. Mary of the Angels was founded in 1899. The church was constructed at a cost of $400,000 and it was opened in 1920. The church was closed and almost demolished in 1981 before an outcry by citizens and historians changed their minds and the church remodeled it for it's 100th anniversary.

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Attack of the Killer & Not So Killer B's / Film Noir Movie Reviews

Had an interesting double feature of film noir this week with two lesser known works. First is the new a film called ramparts with Woody Harrlelson as a renegade LA cop. Then for the nightcap we had “The brothers Rico” a 1957 mobster movie starring Richard Conte.

 “Ramparts” was for the most part a solid effort mostly due to the script written by James Ellroy who wrote Pulp Fiction & Black Dahlia. In it Woody Harrelson plays a renegade cop with a dysfunctional family life whose life is falling apart. Joining him for the ride are; Ice Cube, Steve Buscemi, Sigourney Weaver and more. Not great but well worth a look.

Then we have “Brothers Rico” with Richard Conte and others whose names I won't bother reciting. Because this was a bad movie with no real redeaming qualities. In fact I fell asleep before it was over. Avoid

A better choice and a real killer B would be the 2003 Ron Shelton film Dark Blue. It is another renegade LA cop whose life is falling apart story but it is also written by James Ellroy so it is also very good. Kurt Russell leads the cast in this crime story set around the time of the Rodney King riots. Check it out here.

Conservatory In Oak Park, A Beautiful, Restive Spot

Published on Oct 17, 2012 by
Located on the villages south side right off the Oak Park / East Ave. exit of the blue line is this almost century old conservatory. It provides the plantings for the villages parks and offers three rooms of exotic plants. We visit the fern room with it's Pondarosa Lemon tree. The tropical room with it's exotic birds and jumbo goldfish. And the cactus room with all kinds of odd cacti.

It's a great place to take small children especially during the winter. This is also a good meditative spot each of the rooms have some benches so you can sit and just clear your head and take a break.

It was almost torn down in the 1970's but was saved by a citizens group and in 2005 it was placed on the National Registrar of Historic Places.
Visit the park districts web site. www.​oakparkparks.​com/​parks/​pf_18.​htm

Or visit them in person. 615 Garfield St Oak Park, IL 60304 708-386-4700
This clip is presented by ChiTownView & produced byMindsiMedia. We have several channels on YouTube and other video sharing outlets you can access all of them from our web portal at

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The Moulin Rouge Paris France Neon Post Card, From Etsy

The Moulin Rouge Paris Franve Neon Post Card by MindsiMedia

 Part of a collection of post cards that feature the beauty & glory of the the neon sign. We are placing this collection on our Etsy web store.
We have lots of other neon for your viewing enjoyment our Chicago neon tour can be found here.
This and other neon playlists found on MindsiMedia's YouTube station. And we have some neon photo galleries on our web site.

Sunset At The Graveyard - YouTube

Sunset At The Graveyard 

Published on Oct 14, 2012 by
I took a walk through a parking lot that cuts through a graveyard a couple of blocks away. It was sunset on an overcast day in the middle of October Forest Park Il. This is a slideshow of photos from that walk. Along with a sound collage composed of a prose piece untitled "Sunset At The Graveyard and some clips from
Two are from Klankbleed
There work is licensed under the Attribution License.
The other clip is by Dobroid
Also an Attribution License.

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Depression Era Art In The Forest Pk. Post Office

This nice little station on Des Plaines Ave. is looking for a buyer they no longer deliver the mail out of here but it is open for window services. Inside is a lovely oil painting mural. It was painted by Miriam McKinnie (Hofmeier) is entitled The White Fawn and was done through a Treasury Dept grant in 1940. The painting takes us back to a time when small boats would go up and down the nearby Des Plaines River. Here is a link to a site that provides information on other public depression era government art.

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'Haunted' Restaurants In Chicago: 10 Spots With Possibly Paranormal Activity On The Menu

From Huffington Post
"One of Chicago's worst-kept secrets is that it is home to any number of allegedly haunted spots.
Given Chicagoans' reputation for food enthusiasm, it stands to reason that whispers, screams and cold spots have been reported in many restaurants in the area, ranging from neighborhood dives to acclaimed wine bars."

'Click here to see the complete list

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The most haunted hotel in Chicago Reposted from Chicago Quirk

"Chicago Quirk is in full Halloween mode, and my weekly 'Did You Know, Chicago?' will now be about Chicago's most haunted places. First off is Chicago's most haunted hotel: The Congress Plaza Hotel..............The hotel has had many different owners, and one of them was supposedly Al Capone who used the hotel as his headquarter. Jake “Greasy Thumb” Guzik, a member of Capone's gang, lived at the hotel for years. I read that some people think that Capone and Guzik's ghosts still reside in the hotel."

To read the entire post click here.

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From Machine Guns To Hot Dogs ChiTownView (s) Chicago In September

ChiTownView has had a busy month on YouTube. Our roster of clips grew by nine. We added another video to our collection of Frank lloyd buildings with a look at the Isidore Heller home in Hyde Park. There are two new entries in our Chicago crime series. One is the the story of the introduction of the tommy gun onto the streets of windy city. And then a look at a gang hit at a quiet place in Forest Park. While in that western suburb we paid a visit to the site where once stood the worlds largest roller coaster in it's day. Then we ended the month along the banks of the Des Plaines river watching it flow.

We have also in September greatly expanded our photo collections on Flickr. We have photos of and links to our videos but we also have a lot of material not part of our YouTube station.