Monday, August 13, 2012

The Wanton Looks & Handcuffs Hot Rock Live In Chicago

Live Sounds In Chicago can be found on YouTube at ChicagoRock1. We began as ChicagoRock1 a video diary of some of the live music that I came across in the Chicago area. For the most part what I covered has been free shows that I felt like going to. It was all kind of infrequent and not a project I was giving much time to. We started off doing rock but now explore all genres of music. So our new name one is much more fitting.

With the new name comes a new mission. That is to be a local / independent broadcast station providing an outlet for local / independent musicians. In the past couple of years I've been out to see a lot of great music and it doesn’t get enough exposure so that's what were here to help give.

This past weekend we were at North Belmont Market Days and saw a couple of terrific bands The Handcuffs & The Wanton Looks. Both were fronted by talented and attractive women which provided a nice relief from the overload of shirtless sweating men that abounded in the area. We have more songs by both bands at our station.

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