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Mary's Mosaic by Peter Janney & JFK Peace Speech 6/10/63

Mary Pinchot Meyer was a member of the American ruling class. She was a beautiful woman who was married to an early member of the CIA. Not your typical trophy wife Mary was also an intellectual, artist, free spirit, lover and confidant to John Kennedy (following her divorce), who she first met in high school.

Among her friends was also Timothy Leary with whom she shared an interest in LSD. This was during a time when the psychedelic was being experimented with by psychiatrists. It is also rumored that she smoked pot used LSD with Kennedy. She was the victim of a sensational daylight murder shortly after the Warren Commission report was released in 1964. This book is a nice little bit of history written by Peter Janney who is another Washington insider and whose father is another CIA asset.

The story is broken into three parts first is the story of her murder, subsequent trial and acquittal of a poor black man who had been charged. The second section gives us the story of Mary and the world she lived in. And the third section takes a look at the CIA and there role in the death of Mary. Those who are interested in getting a broader look at the reasons behind the Kennedy assassination will enjoy reading this book.

Mary Meyer was an ardent advocate for peace and she is credited by many as having an influence on President Kennedy. He was elected president as a war hero and staunch cold warrior. But by the middle of1963 he was looking at things differently. Having ducked a nuclear bullet during the Cuban missile crisis he was moving towards negotiation and diplomacy.

In June of 1963 Kennedy made this speech along with it's offer of a unilateral test ban treaty. It was a huge success and within two months a comprehensive test ban treaty was signed. The world seemed to be on the road to peace and this seemed to be the first step the president was also making plans to withdraw from Vietnam and to reign in the CIA. Of course within six months Kennedy would be dead and the new president would be charting a far different course.

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