Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Atheist Touched By The Hand of God Part 1

I am still an Atheist,

God does not exist

Organized religion is a crutch and a club.

The closest thing to God right now is us.

Our power has grown so great that we can destroy all life on the planet.
What does that make us?
And if we use this power to bring hell to earth what does that make us?

I know this because God revealed it to me.

A dozen years ago I was touched by the hand of God and over the course of a couple of hours I was granted vision and shown a path and given a simple message to tell.

I'm an Atheist so after wrestling with what had happened I ignored it.

Since then my life has fallen apart.

At the time I was a happily married man with a great family and a nice home.

Since than my life has been sucked into a whirlpool of depression, debt and divorce.

Maybe I should have listened and done what I was told.

Maybe I should have lived with the courage of my convictions instead of always taking the easy way out.

I've fallen, had to learn some hard lessons and now am on my way back.

But I'm not there yet.

The truth is I can't live like I have been anymore because I feel I'm not living only existing.

So today I step out and begin to explain how an Atheist can speak for God.

I am to preach a gospel of peace and love. One that is rooted in self control and personal responsibility.

So here is my first message. It's simple but one that has a powerful ability to transform like a wheel.

“Our lives have the meaning we give them and the choices we make about how we live are important.”

This summer there has been a string of senseless gun killings not that there is ever any shortage of them. And I can't just stand by so many people are unafraid to express their frustration and fear through violence. They feel like they have no power so they must lash out and show the world their hate. I feel the need to go in the opposite direction because I feel the frustration and rage because we live in a society that is filled insanity fueled by fear and hate. But I don't want to lash out at people I want to reach out and find a way to express my love.

Now I have put myself on a path where it will end up is not important because we all end up at death. The importance of the path we take is the journey it takes us on. If it all sounds kind of vague and simplistic. Well I'm just getting started here with this but I needed to just stand up and publicly declare myself. Trust me there is much more to come.

Some time this weekend I will post the story of the August evening thirteen years ago when an Atheist was touched by the hand of God.

This will not be the sole topic of my future postings. The rest of the MindsiMedia collection of stories, videos and songs will continue. There is just a larger story I need to be telling and so it begins. This is dedicated to all the victims of violence.

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