Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pussy Riot Trial Update, Artists Unite In Protest

Here's an update to last weeks story about the trial of Russian riot girl band Pussy Riot. These three young women are facing seven years in jail for offending the Orthodox church. Since then artists around the world have begun speaking out on this outrage. Today we present a couple of clips as well as an interview with the three other members of the band not on trial.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pussy Riot, Anti Putin Punks Rockers Face Seven Years of Hard Time

Pussy Riot Trial: Anti-Putin Feminist Punks On Trial In Moscow 

 MOSCOW — A Moscow court on Friday launched the trial of three feminist rockers who face a possible seven years in prison for performing a "punk prayer" against Vladimir Putin from the pulpit of Russia's largest cathedral.
The case of the three members of the band Pussy Riot has deeply divided Russia, pitting advocates of openness against the forces of order and the powerful Russian Orthodox Church. The three had been held in jail for more than four months without a single court hearing.
The February stunt, two weeks before the election that returned Putin to the presidency, was designed to offend. Five members of Pussy Riot – wearing brightly colored balaclavas and miniskirts – briefly took over the pulpit at Christ The Savior Cathedral, chanting "Mother Mary, drive Putin away" and high-kicking cancan-style.
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FUG YOU Inside 1960's NYC Counterculture


“An informal history of the Peace Eye Bookstore, the Fuck You Press, the Fugs and counterculture in the lower east side”

A new book by Ed Sanders

An insiders look at New York cities counterculture in the 1960's by one who had a promminent place in developing it. Ed Sanders was a publisher, poet, leader of The Fugs and all around rabble rouser. It's all here from his days in New York city, to helping Abbie Hoffman levitate the Pentagon, to the streets of Chicago in 68' to the start of his investigation into the Manson family. This book is a nice slice of 1960's history and is well worth reading.

Who were the Fugs you may well ask? Here is a clip of them playing on Swedish tv in 1966.

And here's an hour long interview w/ Ed from 1975. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Black Bear Combo Rocking Forest Park On Saturday Night

Out in Forest Park the folks at Old School Records & the Pineapple Dance Studio have teamed up to present the Madison St. World Music Concert Series this summer. Saturday night 7/7 was an evening of Balkan & other middle European sounds was presented by the Black Bear combo. Before the evening was done they had members of the audience stomping their feet, clapping and dancing.

If you see and hear what you like and want to know more here's a link to their web site. http://blackbearcombo.com/index.html

There are four more concerts in this series. On July 26 Kalyan Pathack's Jazz Mata Duo will be playing. On 8/18 Ecos del Pacifico will be presenting afro Columbian music. In September there are two shows 9/8 Son del Viento de Chicago and 8/29 Lamajamal will appear.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rolling Stones Live, Marquee Club 3/26/71

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A very cool 37 minute film I came across on Pintrest.  It captures the Rolling Stones at the height of their powers playing at the Marquee Club in London. They are on their European tour supporting the upcoming release of Sticky Fingers. It's a rocking set and the addition of the horns really add to the punch.

Here is the set list;
Live With Me, Dead Flowers, Let It Rock, Midnight Rambler, Satisfaction, Bitch, Brown Sugar

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Neon Photography by CarolHighsmith, Vegas, Havana & More

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I was prowling around the Library of Congress web site and came across a series of photos of gorgeous neon signs by American photographer Carol Highsmith. The music is entitled "Cool Vibes" and comes from Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com


Why Are Obama's Prosecutors Pursuing John Kiriakou?

By Dan Froomkin from Huffington Post

"John Kiriakou is a 14-year CIA veteran who, until his indictment, was best known for publicly rejecting the Bush administration's Orwellian doublespeak about "enhanced interrogation." In a 2007 ABC News interview, Kiriakou became the first person directly involved in the handling of terror suspects to call waterboarding at the CIA's hands what it was -- torture.
But in April, Fitzgerald charged Kiriakou with five criminal counts, including three violations of the Espionage Act — a 1917 law intended to punish officials for aiding the enemy -- for allegedly disclosing national security information to reporters about CIA agents and their role in those interrogations to reporters."

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For a further look at this story here is a clip from Cenk Uygur on Young Turks TV