Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A journey to blues fest Chicago 2012

Day 2. 2:30PM Saturday 6/9/12

Day two of our weekend journey to the blues took a detour to our home town of Forest Park. This weekend they were having their summer fest that also featured free music. Playing this afternoon was a group called The Insignificant Others that played blues rock. Their guitar player Ed Martinski was an acquaintance I hadn't seen in a couple of decades. I ran into him at the same festival the year before right after his band had played. I'd wanted to see them and here a year later I had my chance.

It was another hot day and most of the crown is under the tents set up to offer shade. Like Chicago you have to get your tickets and then your drink but unlike the city no lines no wait and the beer is about half the price. Anyway the detour turned out to be a good move as the Insignificant Others turned in a fine set of originals from their debut cd “introducing”. They also did covers of Pink Floyd, The Sonics and Peter Green among others. They will be playing at Friendly Tap on Roosevelt Rd. in Berwyn 6/23.

For more on The Insignificant Others check them out on ReverbNation.

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