Sunday, May 27, 2012

Johnnie's & Russell's Great Eats In Elmwood Park

      Just north of North Ave. on tree shaded Thatcher on the western edge of Elmwood Park Il. is a great old style family restaurant Russell's BBQ. They offer a full range of barbeque; beef & pork, sandwiches or plates of ribs. They also offer other items and have a pretty good kids menu. It's a lovely woody spot with great food and atmosphere including outdoor seating in the back and these great neon signs. The next time your in the area stop in and sample from their wide array of tasty treats. Here is a clip of their great neon signage from our ChiTownView station and a couple of photos of these cartoon wooden wall hangings on the inside.

Russell's is not far away from another great spot for a quick bite to eat named Johnnie's. Their specialty is also beef but they are an Italian beef stand with some excellent lemon ice as well. ChiTownView
has also posted a clip of this place as well.

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