Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rush Hour With Poe, A Dream W/in A Dream

Uploaded by on Jan 2, 2012
An unmarked video tape with a long lost fragment of some forgotten video project from a long time ago. Nothing was edited out this is as is but it has been added on to. Video overlays, snatches of sound and music and the final piece of the puzzle was a poem by Edgar Allen Poe "A Dream Within A Dream.

The sounds are from FreeSoundProject. They were blended together by the steady hand of Grand.

subway doors closing.mp3 by pomp1o

slow atmosphere 4.wav by ERH

Galloping Horse.wav by prosounder

A Dream Within A Dream - Poe.mp3 by fiatknox read by Alexander Thomas Greene

male breathing long.wav by boziav

Heavy Breathing.aif by jackstrebor

Cityscape 11 080530.wav by LG

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