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Antonio Lombardo Unione Siciliana President Gunned Down In Chicago's Loop

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Unione Siciliana, a community and political organization of native Sicilians was a powerful notional social and political organization. It was not a part of the Mafia but a powerful organization that the mob was beholden to in many ways. In Chicago the president of this organization had control over the immigrant cookers that made the alcohol base that bootleg gin was made of. It was a profitable, powerful but very dangerous position. During the roaring 20's a half dozen Union president were killed as the north and south side mobs fought over control of this strategic position.

Antonio Lombardo was a Capone / Torrio ally who had managed to hold his position for almost three years. Before being gunned down in the heart of the Loop at 4 in the afternoon in front of hundreds of witnesses. This short clip traces his last steps. We see him exit his offices in the, long gone, Hartford building at 8 S. Dearborn and head north towards Madison. A plane is being hoisted up the side of the Boston building and the street is filled with people.

Lombardo his partner Joe Ferrara and bodyguard Joe Lolardo turned on Madison and started walking west. They got about fifty feet before they turned to look at the plane once again. Two men came out of a restaurant doorway snuck up and emptied their revolvers into the three men. Lombardo and Ferrara were killed and bodyguard Lolardo miraculously survives.

But it's a Chicago miracle as nobody gets convicted and the next president turns out to be Joe Lolardo's brother. Fancy that?

With this clip we begin our second "season" of Chicago crime history videos. What started as a look at the "outfit" the Mafia crime organization that siezed power in the roaring 20's. Has morphed into a look at darker side of Chicago's history. Chicago is one of the worlds great cities but it's reputation for corruption of all sorts is another part of it's legend. That is what we explore here.

This clip is part of a series produced by MindsiMedia and presented on ChiTownView 's YouTube station. We are getting some Chicago crime history in HBO's series "Boardwalk Empire" and more will be on display when the film version of Eric Larsen's "Devil In The White City". Our series shows some of the famous places in Chicago crime history as they exist today. While telling some of that history with each clip.

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